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How to Make Money Using Affiliate Marketing

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Wishing you had some extra money to buy the pair of shoes you have been eyeing forever or to cover your transport expenses? If you are looking for a reliable source of passive income, you have come to the right place.

So, what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing essentially means earning revenue or commission by generating leads in sales, driving traffic to a website, or bringing prospective clients to take up some service. This commission can be in monetary form or other modes, such as goodies or subscriptions.

With affiliate marketing, you can generate a fair amount of revenue online. This article will guide you through different methods of doing affiliate marketing without owning your website. So, let’s take a plunge into the world of affiliate marketing right away!

1. YouTube Affiliate Marketing 

If you are good at making videos, conversing, and have expertise in a particular niche, you can create content videos by starting your own YouTube channel.

YouTube has a search engine and publishes content-based video. So, you can connect with people looking for information in the domain of your expertise.

While curating your content, you can suggest related products or services and advise them to purchase via your affiliate link. Make sure not to push it a lot because people will stop visiting your channel. Try to put your argument across in a pleasant tone.

Ex- Many click funnels affiliates make videos reviewing click funnels or making how-to videos and then put their affiliate links in the description.

2. Facebook Groups 

Yes, you read it right. Not the Facebook pages but the Facebook groups because they have a higher engagement, and there are higher chances of people checking out the affiliate links.

People engage in Facebook groups because they directly contact the business owner, ensuring that the product and service are legitimate and reliable.

To practice affiliate marketing via a Facebook group, you need to first engage in other Facebook groups with a similar niche; once you have built a brand image and made connections, you can start your own Facebook group.

Ensure that you are super active on the group, post daily, and help the users out with their queries. Keep them updated on the current trends in the industry but don’t spam the group.

3. Affiliate Marketing via Forums 

As amusing as it sounds, forums still exist. It might surprise many people because discussions are considered old school, especially with social media evolution.

The best way to discover a forum is to type this out on a search engine- the ‘name of your niche’ venue. You will find plenty of outlets and lists, check them all out, and pick a few active ones.

Don’t burden yourself by participating or engaging in too many of them because you wouldn’t be able to respond to every comment. Instead, try to dedicate all your attention to a limited set of forums that can fetch you some bucks.

4. Affiliate Marketing via Emails 

Statistics have analyzed tons of data and concluded that the maximum number of business transactions occur via mail, and people check their mail quite often.

But sending boring emails to everyone isn’t going to serve the purpose. You are in control of your mailing list, and you have the chance to do something out of the box. There are various software and tools which you can utilize to personalize the emails and give your prospective clients a sense of belonging.

Mailchimp is one of the preeminent tools for marketing your affiliate links. You can update and edit your mailing list with ease and create subgroups depending on your chosen category.

5. Affiliate Marketing on Instagram 

Instagram has devised a cool algorithm to enhance your reach and engage you with people in the same niche. Try to make your Instagram feed visually pleasing and aesthetic because it captures the essence via visuals.

You can share tons of information via your posts but try not to make it monotonous or lengthy because people prefer shorter descriptions and more visuals.

Instagram has recently added the reels feature, which has helped many businesses flourish because of the audience’s higher engagement in reels. The ads also fetch in many new visitors to your page, but you must pay for the ad campaign.


Affiliate Marketing is a superb source of passive incoming, but you have noticed how temperamental and inconsistent the profits are. It varies each month, and if you don’t practice affiliate marketing on a platform you control, it is all the more difficult. Be invested and regular at the same time to hit desired results.

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