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How To Reshape Your Business With a 360-Degree Marketing Plan

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Developing a 360-degree marketing strategy begins by first establishing the channels your target audience is using. Thereafter, get to know more about them, from where and how they spend their time online to their purchasing behavior.

You will also have to come up with a system to track your leads right from the time they land on your website, inbox, or other places where they establish the first contact with you. Don’t forget to make use of metrics that will help you know whether the lead was great or not. 

Since there are many elements involved in a 360-degree marketing campaign, each unique in its own way, it would be unwise to use a one-size-fits-all approach in your selected marketing strategies. 

However, there are general tips you can use in your strategy. These tips will play a huge role in the success of your campaigns. They include:

  • Establish the purpose of your 360-degree marketing campaign
  • Pick channels that support the realization of your purpose 
  • Have a deeper understanding of your target market
  • Ensure there’s consistency across all your touchpoints 

Part of our strategy will definitely include the core elements we mentioned earlier. Below, we give you a brief description of the more effective ones and how you could leverage the opportunities they offer in your campaign. 

Search Engine Optimization

A good chunk of your customer base starts their purchase journey with a search engine. People will use a search engine like Google to find out more about a product or service, 

A comprehensive SEO strategy is required if your website is to rank high on the SERPs (search engine result pages). Keep in mind that your competitors have probably invested a lot in SEO, making it crucial for you to work with SEO experts who can give you a competitive edge.

Audience research will give you insight into what your potential customers are interested in. You can then use this data to optimize your website content, improving its chances of landing on the first page of Google. This will lead to increased website traffic, quality leads, and sales conversions. 

But SEO services come with a caveat: the results are not instant. Even if you are working with the best digital marketing agency in Sydney, you will still have to be patient. It might take a few months before you notice an uptick.

The wait times are worth it though. Your business will benefit a lot if your SEO campaign is successful. Apart from an increase in traffic and conversations, optimized content will establish your brand as an authority in authority in your industry. This will increase brand recognition and customer loyalty. We can all agree that it’s a perfect technique to market your small business. 

PPC Advertising

PPC is one of the fastest ways to get your products in front of as many eyeballs as possible. If your ad lands on the top three PPC spots on a search engine like Google, there is a high chance that you will record increased traffic to your landing page and website.

Since PPC is instant, you might think that it is a total replacement for SEO. This isn’t the case. PPC works best when coupled with an effective SEO strategy. PPC services are generally affordable but they can become costly over time.

Running it together with your SEO campaign is the best way to ensure that you have a back up if your PPC budget is depleted.

Email Marketing Campaign

Smartphones have made it easier for customers to check their email. People can now receive email while on the move and as you can guess, this has caused an increase in open rates.

Email marketing is still a relevant digital marketing avenue and you will have to be smart about how you approach it.

For example, you should make use of automation tools like MailChimp to effectively run your Email marketing campaign. Automation tools will allow you to send out targeted emails that are relevant to individuals and negate the risk of spamming customers on your mail lists.

Social Media

If you are looking for an affordable way to increase leads and advertise your brand, social media marketing will be perfect for you. But you should first understand your target audience before you start your campaign.

Since different platforms are preferred by specific demographics, your content should reflect this. For example, product advertisements targeted towards women are not ideal for a social media platform that has more men.

Customer Relationship Management

After-sale services are just as important as your advertising campaign. Your customers will be frustrated if they can’t reach your business after purchasing your products or subscribing to your services.

This is why customer relationship management should be part of your 360-degree marketing strategy.

Use the appropriate communication platform to maintain communications after your customer has purchased their product.

The focus of your communications should be to retain customers for as long as possible. You should also make sure that your customer service can handle all customer inquiries and complaints effectively.

Content Marketing

People love interesting content. Websites and social media accounts that post interesting content enjoy high amounts of traffic. You should keep this in mind as you are creating your own content strategy.

All the content in the world won’t mean a thing if you fail to pique the interest of your customer base. You can avoid this by researching your audience and testing different kinds of content and content formats to find what works best.

Offering high-quality content like ebooks and in-depth blogs for free will attract customers to your website and establish your brand as an authority in your industry.


The whole point of your entire digital marketing campaign is to funnel traffic to your website. But unless your website is designed to offer the user a seamless experience, you will probably lose a huge chunk of your potential customers to competitors.

As more people switch to using smartphones to access internet services, it makes sense for your website to be optimized for mobile. Content on your website should be optimized for SEO to increase your chances of ranking high on SERPs.

In conclusion, the great advantage of 360-marketing is that you are able to target individual customers on different platforms, increasing your brand’s recognition, conversion rates, and consumer loyalty. You can use either or all of these strategies we have discussed in your 360-degree marketing campaign to market your small business. Have a professional digital marketing company helps you in doing them right. 

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