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Marketing Strategies In the Financial Industry: A Closer Look At Expectations From The FOMC Verdict

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The main challenges that lie ahead of a financial investor or a broker are to be heard by the right people and be seen at the right places. Marketing financial services is the next toughest thing to brokering as the diversification of the audience interested in separate financial services has led to demand for lever branding and marketing on the part of vendors.

Taking a walk in today’s marketing scenario, one realizes that internet marketing is the key point of turning an average marketing plan to a grand success. Therefore, we took some time out and watched how different financial service providers promoted their businesses and received returns from the market.

On average, the main marketing modes have stayed the same as they were ten years back. However, the inclusion of internet marketing strategies, especially over social media and emails are noteworthy additions to marketing in the financial industry today. Here is a quick summary of how each financial business is reaching out to its customer base.

Internet Marketing

As mentioned, internet marketing strategies like social media marketing, blog marketing, email marketing and search engine marketing of financial services seem to have kicked in as important practices owing to the focus on web traffic that always gets rich dividends to businesses. Therefore, we find brokers, investment analysts and financial service providers maintain active Facebook and Twitter profiles these days. Add to that Pinterest and Instagram and any business is sure to succeed in allowing its future customers to relate to the brand even before buying services or products from it.

Online Trading Tips

Whether it is on social media or on trading websites or through a definite mobile marketing strategy, providing a rich resource of online trading tips to brokers, investors and traders on suitable openings is a great way to ensure that your brand is respected by the financial market. Although sending out tips on open trading platforms is a great way to begin, developing a partnership with trading platforms like Alvexo and Forex helps you showcase your brand while the investors carry on their work. Providing information that is much more than tips is the ideal approach to drawing more traffic to your financial services website through these portals.

Investment Journals

Advertising on online investment journals and databases wherein updates like the FOMC verdict or other important financial moves that can affect your customers is a clever approach since there is not much clutter in these pages. As a result, these journals are great providers of relevant traffic to your website.

Press Releases

Periodic issue of press releases keeps your brand in the news no matter on which side of the FOMC verdict you fall. Sharing key launches and updates related to your company will help you stay upright in minds of the investors and your potential customers.

In view of marketing techniques being used popularly in the financial industry, we also come across the unpredictability that the Federal Open Markets Committee has unleashed on the basis of speculations of the meeting that it will hold and announce in July this year. Marketing and financial industry changes expected thereafter, will depend upon the decisions announced by the FOMC. Here are the top expectations from this verdict in 2015.

Expectations From The FOMC Verdict: A Closer Look

The Federal Open Markets Committee is meeting once again, which means that speculations are on the rise as to how the wording is going to affect the markets this year. With major changes occurring in the market, most of which are positive, one thing that certainly can be expected is that the FOMC isn’t going to implement their famous “considerable time” rhetoric; considerable time has already passed since the last meeting in March and many changes have occurred in the market. To help put things into perspective, below are a few fair expectations from this year’s verdict.

Interest Rate Hikes 2015

It is no surprise that the economy has been performing well relative to the dismal performance in the most recent years. With a more positive outlook on the economy, it is very likely that that a hike in US interest rates is coming up in the near future. Investors have already begun bracing for the event by monitoring the cost of borrowing with a close eye.

However, investors aren’t the only ones speculating about the future of interest rates. There are some banks out there, Nomura for example, that are expecting that the FOMC use language that points to a “short term” hike in rates.

Oil and the Rouble

It has been a volatile week for the markets due to plummeting oil prices and the Russian Rouble having seen better days. This week, crude futures fell below a long-missed $55.000, while the Russian Rouble went through a quick collapse. With these two events, it is highly expected that during FOMCs final meeting for the year, wording is going to shift regarding maintaining rates at record lows. In addition, you can also certainly expect to see the phrase “considerable time” outed from the event.


The recent disaster regarding the Russian Rouble and lowered oil prices has had a profound effect upon the dollar, causing it trade considerably soft. The main question regarding the dollar is whether the FOMC is going to continue supporting the previous gains the dollar has made and its normalization in the market. Maintaining a strong dollar means that it can fight against the rallying pound, which is currently trading at the price of 1.5745.

Another currency that is currently struggle against the dollar is the Japanese Yen. The verdict by the FOMC will be a determining factor in whether the Yen is going to continue facing a bearish run. Finally, one currency that has been faring better than the rest is the Australian Dollar, which is currently trading at 0.8216.


Overall, the FOMC verdict brings a great deal of volatility in the market, especially when it comes to oil prices and national currencies like the Russian Rouble. As a result, marketing your business would have to be a more economic project and something that you would want to complete in stringent budgets.

What most can expect for this meeting is an obliteration of the “considerable time” phrase. However, this does not mean that the Fed is going to wane its need for flexibility in relation to timing and the first rate hike. In addition, there is also speculation as to whether the Fed is going to continue its support of the dollar’s gains.

So, make sure you develop branding and marketing strategies that derive the most returns from these aspects of the FOMC verdict, and help you make neat profits in 2015.

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