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Marketing By Generations: 5 Strategies That Define Any Marketing Technique

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Marketing strategies are bound to change every year. It’s true! Each year, thousands of new gadgets and technologies enter the market making a big headline buzz. Hence, both consumers and businesses are compelled to adapt themselves to these upcoming changes in order to keep up-to-date with the market trends. But while business tactics could change based on how consumer behavior pattern draws its line on the market graph, does that mean the essence or rather an origin of your internet marketing strategies change too?

One word – Definitely not. / One word – NO.

It all starts with the basics and knowing these principles by rote will help you broaden your scope to come up with new ideas and analysis that will make your digital marketing stronger. So what are these principles?

For those who are new to the world of digital marketing, you first need to build a solid foundation.

There are 5 core pillars on which your internet marketing foundation stands, and they are as follows –

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Content marketing
  3. Social media optimization
  4. App marketing
  5. Brand marketing

#1. Search Engine Optimization

First of all, your internet market technique or strategy does not start without SEO. Why? Because there is no point in opening up an online store unless it is visible when people search for it. Results that appear on the first page of the SERP are the ones that are generally viewed the most by people who look for an information over the internet. Going by the data, 89% of the search is made by consumers before they purchase something and 70% of the purchase decisions are made using the search engines.

While it is one of the clearest ways to earning your revenue, you need people to make the click by building an SEO strategy that is strong. This primarily includes the selection of relevant keywords and providing keyword optimized content.

Apart from keywords, the other factors that your SEO strategy must include are –

  • Sharing valuable content that are useful to people
  • A website with quick loading capacity
  • Generation of backlinks from authorized sites
  • Use of images along with content

#2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is what is ruling the digital space now. Be it email marketing, mobile app marketing, digital media or even social media marketing… nothing is possible without content that speaks for your brand. There is no doubt about the fact that content is the king. And why is that? Because it helps to build a strong brand reputation and even helps to boost company confidence. Over the years, content marketing technique has evolved in many ways.

Nevertheless, even content marketing comes with its own downsides. Low-quality content can affect your brand reputation and your ranking. Putting up content that is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors is not only harmful for your online brand reputation but also makes you look foolish and unprofessional. If you are seriously into business, you definitely would not want to sound like that.

Also, make sure your facts are right and authentic. This will provide viewers with something new to read thus increasing its viewership, backlinks, and social shares. All these are your key basics to earning better ranking, which you need to climb up the Search Engine Results Page. However, make sure your blog page gets updated regularly. That is because search engine bots tend to punish websites that don’t update their page. Besides, content is what helps you appear on the SERP every time someone makes a search relevant to your information.

#3. Social Media Optimization

A good social media optimization strategy is your key to growing interaction with your customers and prospects for your business. The best part of social media marketing is that you can make use of the opportunity to grab the attention of your target audience even when they are not shopping around.

Also, did you know that social media can play an important role in speeding up your email marketing strategy? You can invite your community members to sign up for the latest updates, giveaways and more. Besides, social sharing can help in building up peer influence, since customers generally tend to value a service recommended or shared by people within their friend circle. One share on the social platform is almost equal to a four-star rating.

However, increasing your follower base is not enough for building up a good brand engagement strategy. Make sure you build up an interactive fan community where users can find and learn more about your business by asking questions, giving voice to concerns or even lodging a complaint. You can not only look up the matter but also understand what is driving your business online and what is not.

#4. App Marketing

With the growing number of smartphone users, mobile app marketing is one of the rising strategies to reach out faster to your target audience. Mobile app marketing brings you an instant and direct medium of interaction with your target audience. Integration of software that helps you draw out information about your customer behavior lets you optimize your market strategy and helps personalize their search. Despite all these advantages, what stands out as a concern is that there are more than a million apps out there in the market.

How do you make your mobile app stand out from the rest? There are two answers to this –

  1. Add features that are only exclusive to your app, and
  2. Target your app to a specific niche only.

Social recommendation is another way through which you can grow your base on social platforms, where users can even get the opportunity to brag about their experience to people present within their community.

#5. Brand Marketing

What does your brand stand for? Knowing this is important, for it will help you decide what kind of phrases, words or even concepts you would choose for search engine optimization. Brand identification also helps you to also decide which online strategies to use first.

In addition, make sure you follow a consistent digital marketing strategy for your brand. That means you must ensure the design and the content remain consistent across different channels, websites, social networks, apps, and emails.

2015 is all about wearables and virtual reality, e-retail marketing, and video marketing. Like every year, this time has also left many to wonder as to which new strategies would be better off working with and which ones to discard for this year. But accept it or not, whichever way you choose, you cannot dive into thinking about the newest strategies without undergoing the principles mentioned above.

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