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How to Market Your Brand to Women

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Not to sound too full of myself, but I probably make more than 80% of the purchasing decisions for our household.  And just so you know, my husband is very involved, very engaged and has an opinion about why we buy, but to be honest, that’s mostly for big dollar, high-involvement purchases.  When it comes down to where our dollars go — I’m the one who allocates them.

How to Market Your Brand to Women

This probably isn’t news to you, my savvy business owner, but if you’re running a business that looks MANLY on the outside (like an auto repair shop or sporting goods store), but is collecting money from women, you could stand to make a lot more money, by simply tweaking your branding just a little bit and start attracting some women.

Here are a few tips that will help you adjust your branding and marketing message to appeal to more women.

Speak Their Language

It isn’t necessarily a good idea to lump all women into one specific category. Some women love beauty products while others love hobbies that many men enjoy. The key to marketing to women is to speak their language and get to know what they want. For example, if you recently opened an online boutique and will be selling a variety of clothing items, gear your marketing techniques to women who may like the particular types of clothes that you’re selling. Speaking the language of the women who will want to make use of your services and products will help you to increase revenue.

Provide Superior Customer Service and Support

Women are often very skilled and experienced when it comes to shopping, both online and off. Because of this, you need to make sure that you provide superior customer service and support for them at all times. This could be as simple as having a good return policy available to them, or it could mean answering multiple emails for a woman who has a lot of questions for you before they make the decision to buy from you or utilize your company’s services.

Don’t Make False Claims

Marketing can sometimes be an easy way to over-hype an item and make it more interesting than it truly is. Many business owners also tend to over-exaggerate what their company does or sells in the marketing and advertising description. Unfortunately, women don’t want to deal with these false claims and hopes. It is best to leave marketing to a very generic and plain format without false claims so that you don’t have to worry about your female customers being angry with these things.

Understand Your Customers

Whether you own a restaurant that services children and parents or you have a small beauty boutique just for women, it’s important to understand your customers. Cater to mothers who will want to utilize your company, and speak to single and married women who may want to make use of your boutique. By understanding your customers, you’ll better know what they want and can provide this to them. Also, think about employing people who are experienced and knowledgeable about what female customers want as well. For example, you might own an online blog, and you could have a few mom writers on there who can speak to other mothers about your services.

How Women Respond

One thing to remember about many female customers is that they tend to be a lot more vocal about their shopping and business experiences. If they have a very bad experience with a particular company, they may not hesitate to tell their friends about it, or to let others know via online reviews. Because of this, it’s important to have good support for those customers and to make sure that all of their expectations are met while they are in your store or other place of business.

Knowing how to market and cater to the female clientele can help any business become better at what they do. Your company might be quite generic and bring in both males and females, but it is still a good idea to market specifically to both ideals so that you can get more customers coming through your doors. When owning a business, it is absolutely essential that you market well and make use of other advertising techniques. By doing this, you will find that it is easier for you to be a success as a company owner, and you will be able to increase your revenue and make the profit that you want.

Your female clients can be marketed to both online and locally. Share word of mouth around to ensure that they know that you’re in business and what types of services you are offering to them. By doing this, you are sure to find more women coming through your doors or visiting your site to make use of it. The techniques explained above can help you to bring in more of those clients you want, and it is important to continually market to them so that they come back again in the future.

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