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Making The Most Of Your Copywriter

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Step One: Gathering Raw Material

A copywriter’s goal is to tell the story of your business. And you are your story. To gather the raw material for their copy, the copywriter will need to talk to you about why you’re in business, what you do and how you do it. They’ll also clarify what your expectations of your copy are, so they can deliver the results you want. Make time to meet them, either in person or over Skype.

Don’t hide behind generic promotional material. If you want copy that helps your business stand out, it’s worth investing a little time. People worry about giving the ‘right’ answer, but all you have to do is show your passion for your business – it’s the copywriter’s job to give shape to that passion.

Step Two: Giving Feedback

Copywriting is a creative process. Copywriters don’t expect to get the copy right first time. They know that a few drafts will be needed to clarify the message you want to convey and clear up any misunderstanding. This can create conflict with business owners, who expect themselves and their staff to get it right first time, otherwise they won’t survive and thrive.

So if you don’t feel the first draft of copy is quite right, don’t shut them down straight away. Talk to them about what you’d like them to change. Any copywriter worth their salt will incorporate your feedback and persevere until the copy chimes with your goals.

Step Three: Delivering Results.

You’re in business. You want results. But a copywriter would be lying if they told you that they could get you 25% extra customers just by using certain words in their copy. In copywriting, results are more intangible. Copywriters take a long-lens view of the results they achieve. The content they create forms the cornerstone for online and traditional media marketing campaigns. And if the content the copywriter creates is in line with your story and your goals, it will achieve results – just not straight away.

So why is it worth hiring a copywriter?

Every business wants to stand out. Good copy will help you do that. If you put thought into your copy, you’ll get an immediate head start over your competitors. Good copy helps you deliver your message consistently, to the people who will most benefit from your business. If copy is compelling enough, your potential customers will buy into it. If you work with your copywriter every step of the way, they’ll deliver what every business owner wants – more customers.

How do you make the most of your Copywriter? 

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