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Make Your StartUp a Reality: How to Fire Your Boss and Hire Yourself

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Innovation is the motor of development and it often comes from small companies and startups. Most of these trailblazing companies started in the same fashion – one man or a small group of people gathered around an idea, working to make it a commercial success. Instead of patiently waiting for your safe paycheck at the end of the month, you might want to follow their lead and become the owner of a daring startup as well. Take future into your own hands and try to do something about it!

Here are some of the best tips that will help you start your own business and be the only boss you will ever have.

Creativity and Innovation

The lifeblood of a startup is creativity. Put to work, this creativity can overpower name brands and the large sums of money they can invest into saturating the market with their image and products. An innovative idea can be its own marketing campaign and provide for its own product placement and allure of efficiency. Do you consider yourself a creative person? Then put that into work for your own business.

A brilliant idea, the basis of a startup, does not have to entirely revolutionize the market overnight. Instead, the beauty of technology is that it constantly improves. These essential improvements can be brought by startups, ensuring them quick profitability. For example, apps that service a niche market bring new uses and benefits with essentially only a few improvements. Sound engineers, for example, gladly resort to professional digital tools developed by startups to test high-end equipment.

As having a startup is a trade of ideas and know-how, the first essential rule is to stay within the borders of your domain. Improve, change and experiment within your domain, no matter its size. Soon you will find yourself servicing a hefty number of faithful clients that turn your small businesses into an important name on the market, all thanks to your own creativity.


Students, especially those studying in fields relating to the IT industry, are potential founders of startups par excellence. Without realizing, they are more connected to the technological trends than any other category. Therefore, their intuition about the market is worth being taken into account. Some of the businesses started by students have reached the top in terms of financial success and spearheaded the development of our society as a whole.

Beyond the founding stage, a startup cannot afford to hire entire teams of specialists, engineers, marketers and developers in order to push their new product to the people. You need a few key people that can aid your startup on the path to success. Most startups begin with a group of friends sharing their ideas. If you are not the kind of person to start a business with friends, and you want to do everything on your own, then make sure you have all it takes to go on this road alone.

As communication among them is key, every startup uses a private network, such as the UPHS Webmail Login, to manage their business correspondence. These private networks reunite and simplify numerous means of staying in touch with your colleagues and employees. In this way, modern technology eliminates the last remnants of menial labor in the office and can even make a physical headquarters redundant.


A great idea promoted by industrious people may nonetheless fail economically due to bad timing. Your innovative idea has to be related to the present realities of the market. The market, comprised of producers and consumers, is not your enemy and you should not look to change it entirely. Instead, shape your actions on it and ensure it thrives and grows along with your startup.

Think about the most successful business areas at this time and ask yourself the question of what do they have to offer that is so appreciated by people. Then you can develop something similar to the trends, but different in its nature. The market is in continuous change, but that doesn’t mean all the great ideas are taken. For sure you can come up with something thriving and successful in time. Just keep in mind the fact that your future customers ask for something both bold but trending. Online business has become more and more successful, maybe it would be a good idea think about this option.

Start Small

Your big ideas don’t immediately take the shape of big returns visible in your bank account. Having a startup is a labor of passion and it takes patience and dedication to reach financial success. As such, don’t expect your business to be an instant hit. The IT giants of today started in garages, so your startup having a humble beginning is not a bad sign. Remember that success comes to those who work hard for it but also wait some time to pick up the results.

Moreover, the small scale of your startup is no longer an inherent disadvantage in face of larger producers. The Internet and the connectivity it ensures at a global scale make it so ideas can freely travel across borders instantly. Cooperation and development spring up as a natural result, leading to more innovation. Take patience in the whole process of reaching the top and remember that although success comes to those who work their guts off, it takes some time to develop a successful business.

Governments, NGOs, and even the competing name brand companies have noticed the high potential of success that many startups present. Their response has been to encourage innovation and to educate people so as to become entrepreneurs themselves. Large companies have even delegated their creative branches to startups that function with their funding.


In short, with preparation, know-how, a brilliant idea and with the help of a dedicated team, your startup can be a success in a short period of time and your 9-to-5 schedule a distant memory. Do your best to come up with a brilliant idea, wait for it to grow, surround yourself only with trusted people and there you have the recipe to individual success!

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