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Lucrative And In-Demand Writing Gigs For Aspiring Writers

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The digital age presents various businesses with a lot of challenges and the digital marketing world aims to create everlasting engagement through the online platform in unprecedented ways. The way content is produced has been revolutionized as brochures and physical flyers seem to have been a thing of the past, which is now being replaced by creative blog posts and articles. In recent times, the demand for such content is continuing to take an upward trend, inevitably leading to creating vacancies for all kinds of aspiring writers and freelancers.

If you love to write you do not necessarily have to be an aspiring author and pen down a complete novel and wait for it to be published to come into limelight and gain recognition. The modern digital world presents would-be, ambitious writers with a great many opportunities to unleash their hidden talents and take up writing in different forms and put their flare for writing to use. Where writing now seems to be an alien concept, its importance cannot be stressed enough as it all over social media, giving it the required boost. The online platforms have created the need to be able to express oneself in a way that is understandable to the general public.

Where writing now seems to be an alien concept, its importance cannot be stressed enough as it all over social media, giving it the required boost. The online platforms have created the need to be able to express oneself in a way that is understandable to the general public.

Some of the job opportunities either part-time or full-time that the world of writing offers to aspiring writers are as below:

#1. Social Media Marketer

One way to rock your social media engagement is through writing high-quality engaging content.  Not everyone can express well or deliver the required business message right across to the target audience. We being social animals are made to interact with people and this can take many forms, a major part of it being making relevant posts and news viral on social media. This is where the role of a social media activist comes into play where you are expected not only to write eye-catching content but also understand the audience you are writing for and timely managing you content in a manner that it yields substantial results and boosts sales.

Social media marketers are like the representatives of the company on social media platforms and they should stay true to the company’s brand’s voice as any contradictions will hamper the image of the brand itself.  Serving in the role of a social media personnel you also need to be spontaneous, creative and improvise replies to queries and probable complaints against your brand. Interacting with potential customers needs to extremely cordial and polite.

#2. Blogger

A blogger comes under the category of people who look after social media and contributes significantly to the content writing forum. Bloggers are of many types, namely lifestyle, food, technology related and the like. Blogs basically put forward the personal opinion or the views of a company with relation to the recent marketing trends or on topics of your own interest. Blogs can get viral quite contagiously as it depends on the number of followers and shares and how well your online networking is. However, to monetize on your blog you need to be able to exercise a great deal of planning and discipline.

Some small businesses and startups really need to generate web traffic through blog posts. This is because it eventually helps to build communities which in turn bring more traffic, making it easy to get ranked higher in Google’s search engine. Businesses are facing tough competition when it comes to being counted as one of the best top-notch websites as they are in the quest for high-quality, keyword embedded articles that will give them the competitive edge and for that they are willing to pay quite a few dollars.

#3. Web Copy

The presence of a well-formed and well-maintained website is crucial for a conspicuous presence and this gives rise to hiring people who can write unique and differentiated content for your homepage, team, services, and career and about us page. Filling in these landing pages for your website needs to be done in a well-rounded manner and it should neither be over or understated for that matter. The online world has taken the corporate world by storm and most of the e-commerce businesses rely heavily on their website content to attract potential customers so the web copy should be of superior quality and give a fair and unbiased version of your company.

 #4. Company newsletters and emails

Also commonly known as business communication, company emails are a way of retaining already established relationships. This is because it is really important to stay in touch with your employees and clients and communicate the recent progress from the upper management write down to the lower ranks. Email marketing comes under this category and is highly crucial for a company’s success.

#5. E-books, whitepapers, guides and report-writing

If you are a proficient writer and you can proudly call yourself a research analyst who can dig deep into technical or academic knowledge and assist students or academic professionals to deliver quality pieces of content. These pieces of content are usually heavily packed with thorough research, reliable statistics links to academic researchers and thought-provoking insights.

Furthermore many business ventures have sprung up which addresses the issue of writing long form content and creating awareness amongst users as it is one of the most reliable ways to lead generation.

E-books can give you a whole information-packed read in just a few minutes and it’s  available on a range of topics for free on many online forums. Guides help people navigate their way through a complicated product or service and report establish certain facts on firm grounds.

The content marketing world is quite dynamic and presents us with loads of opportunities to prove our worth and put our writing skills to best use.

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