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Looking for a WordPress Alternative: Think Blogger

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Everything old is new again!

My default website platform is WordPress.  But is there something better. cheaper, faster?

As it turns out — Blogger is still a viable alternative platform to WordPress!  I started my very first blog on Blogger back in 1998, and to be honest, hadn’t really considered them as a viable options since 2006.  But as it turns out — this is certainly something you should consider

Why you should consider Blogger as a WordPress Alternative

I just came out of an amazing Christine DeGraff (@chrisdegraff) and Ronnie Bincer (@ronniebincer) Google Hangout with special guest David Kucher (@confluentforms) who talked about using Blogger (Google’s Blogger) as a WordPress alternative.

If you’re hyperventilating and want to get into the details without reading further – go right ahead and watch the hangout right here:


Why choose Blogger?

  • SPEED– Your blog would be hosted on the Google platform and CDN (content distribution network) and that means SPEED.  Speed is great for getting found, speed keeps your audience on your site. Speed is good.
  • Responsiveness – Yes, there are themes and templates for Blogger too and they are responsive.  With so many people using mobile devices to access sites, speed and responsiveness are critical.
  • Ease-of-use – If all you need is a basic site with a blog, you’ve got to consider this.  Blogger templates and themes are sleek, easy and even cool looking.  Check some of these out: 54 FREE Blogger Templates or these responsive Blogger templates
  • FREE hosting – Yes, I said FREE hosting.  Because your site would be on the Blogger platform, it would be hosted on Google and that is currently FREE.
  • Lean and mean – Blogger sites do NOT use a lot of resources and databases and that makes them lean, mean and fast.
  • Monetize with ads:  Because it’s on Google, placing Google ads is fast and easy.

Check out the conversation and debate:

I was going to write more on this – but I think you should just check out the #TNTBootcamp Hangout Page where you can follow the comments.

David Kucher explained that a site doesn’t have to be simple to be developed on Blogger.  He gave me this example: Concentrics Restaurants.  As you can see, it’s as cool as any site you might develop on WordPress.  But here is the rub.  WordPress developers are all over the place, finding a great Blogger developer that can create gorgeous sites might not be as easy.

But now, you know David Kucher and if you want to know more and explore the possibility of creating your next site on Blogger – you know who to talk to.

Want to see more comparisons?

WordPress vs Blogger


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