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10 Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips (That Actually Work)

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With more than a billion users monthly, Instagram is definitely one of the biggest and most enticing social media platforms today. Not only does it open up a wide avenue for promoting your brand, but is also an excellent way to grow your network as you start following people and companies akin to your line of business and let them follow you back.

It comes as no surprise that Instagram accounts for more than 15 % of total ad revenue for Facebook. By mid-2020, the percentage is expected to shoot up by at least 70 per cent. 

Instagram Marketing Tips

While it rings happy bells for marketers and brands alike it also stands for increased competition with everyone running for it. Hence, it becomes all the way more important to adopt certain marketing tactics that will help lure the maximum audience in an effective manner. Here’s a look at 10 such powerful Instagram Marketing Tips that actually does the job right. 

1. Switching to a Business Profile 

If you are looking to make the best out of your brand on Instagram, ensure to switch over to a Business Account which offers a handful of benefits: 

  • Get access to Instagram analytics to check stats like reach and impression for the content you share. 
  • Easily go with creating Instagram ads and publishing them, without having to depend on advertising tools of Facebook. 
  • Boost the chances of your content being seen by your followers across their news feed. 

2. Maintain Consistency With Looks

There is no denying that aesthetics plays an upper hand to everything else on Facebook. Hence, it is crucial to maintain consistency with how your account looks for people to recognize a brand. While planning for a post, ensure to use images that carry the same colour, scheme and style.

Given the fact that Instagram deals with over 100 million pics and videos in tandem each day, one needs to stand out with their own style, so that people would stop scrolling whenever they see your post. 

3. Cross-Promote Across Other Platforms 

Instagram marketing doesn’t have to be limited to Instagram alone. Instead, one should focus on cross-promoting their content across other platforms like Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter where you already have a long line of followers. Apart from added exposure, this should also help people to enhance brand image and significantly lower costs to develop new content. 

4. Community Building Around Popular Hashtags

Using branded hashtags are wonderful and surefire ways to help build a community of your fans on Instagram. While you are aiming to usher in more brand visibility, it all boils down to coming up with relevant hashtags that encourage your followers to use the same when they get tagged in your post.

As a number of people use hashtags of your brand in their posts, it’s bound to fire up curiosity across your feed. 

5. Never Over Post

Posting the right content at the right time does make a difference. However, over-posting can do more harm than good and hence one should avoid the same at all cost. Sometimes, people end up posting just for the sake of it which can ward off the followers to the extent of unfollowing you. Planning to post strategically is what makes a difference.

Restrict posting to Instagram to just once or twice a day and be consistent around the same time to inculcate a habit among your followers, anticipating your post. Although there are certain ground rules as to which is the best timing to post, one can set their own timing, and frequency to make the most of it. 

6. Run Instagram Contests

Contests are a great way to engage with your audiences in a meaningful way. Although there remains quite a bit of learning curve to run a successful giveaway on Instagram, it’s certainly no rocket science. Generally, there are three most popular kinds of content type on Instagram that one can run for their brand:

  • Like Contest 
  • Photo contest 
  • Comment Contest 

The best part of running a contest on Instagram is that it is devoid of any limitations. 

7. Reach Out to Influencers for Promotion 

For any brand to reach out to a wide audience, it is necessary to work with relevant influencers. Typically, such influencers have expertise across a set of niches and with their massive following, they are more likely to direct people to your brand than you could have done alone. Additionally, they help instil trust for your band as they vouch for your product all the way.

8. Investing in Sponsored Ads 

Investing in sponsored Ads is another great way of building a relevant audience across your Instagram presence. As such, it helps your target users whose behaviour pattern and characteristics match your offering.

In other words, it brings the right set of people right in front of you without trying too hard. For any prospect who’s new to see your product and services, might be lured instantly and also convert shortly. 

9. Sharing User-generated Content 

Working with user-generated content helps save two issues: 

  • The answer to come up with new content ideas 
  • The urge to win consumer trust readily 

Also, when you share user-generated content you deal with original and fresh content to be posted on your feed. Furthermore, it acts as social proof to let you know how your customers vouch for your products and services. 

10. Use Product Teasers

Product teasers are a great way to initiate curiosity for your brand on Instagram. Essentially, product teasers will initiate urge among parties to raise query or order for your product. Hence, it becomes all the way easier to talk about your brand and increase followers and their excitement as well without having to try too hard. 

Wrap up 

No doubts, in 2020 Instagram is going to dominate the social media and it’s the best platform for all your branding and networking needs. Let’s do a recap of all the Instagram marketing tips with which you can have an influential presence on Instagram: 

  • Switching to a business profile 
  • Maintain consistency with looks
  • Cross-promote across other platforms 
  • Community building around popular hashtags 
  • Never over post
  • Run Instagram Contests
  • Reach out to influencers for promotion 
  • Investing in sponsored Ads 
  • Sharing user-generated content 
  • Use product teasers

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