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7 Simple Tactics to Increase Your Organic Reach on Instagram

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Instagram is a terrific social platform that helps webmasters and marketers to appeal to their target audiences, improve their brand’s presence and reputation, and increase sales performance. Like all social media channels, Instagram offers you the possibility to set the foundation of an organic reach strategy that will consistently bring unique traffic to your website.

To improve your organic reach on Instagram, you need to pay attention to numbers. Your followers’ numbers matter. The bigger your profile, generally the better stats it will generate. However, you need to be careful when selecting and targeting your audience. You need to find and reach only individuals who are much likely to be the future buyers of your products.

In today’s post, we’re presenting seven simple tactics to increase your organic reach on Instagram. Pay attention and make sure you apply everything you find useful.

1.    Find the Best Times To Post

First off, before scheduling and publishing any content for distribution, you must choose specific hours of the day in which your posts will go live. In time, using Instagram analytics tools, figure out the times of the day in which your audience is most active. Find the best time to post, and your organic reach will significantly improve as more people are online and live, ready to see your posts and ads.

2.    Host Creative Contests and Giveaways

Your Instagram’s followers are craving exciting things to absorb and consume. For your brand to stand out from the crowd, you need to be fun and worthy of remark. A great strategy to capture the attention of your followers (and not only) is to organize special contests and giveaways.

Properly organized, interactive contests will generate the following effects:

  • Your post’s organic reach increases as more individuals engage with it
  • You can improve your Instagram’s followers numbers by asking people to follow in exchange for something exclusive
  • Improve the brand’s reputation and trust by rewarding users with various prizes. Don’t forget to ask them to take a picture of themselves using your products and send it to you as soon as they can. Leverage it to emphasize the healthy brand-customer relationships your company maintains.

3.    Post More Video Content

It’s been proven that Instagram users comment twice as much on video content than they do on images or text posts. The engagement videos create a favorable element that’ll positively influence your organic reach. The more comments and tags the more visibility your posts receive.

Video content is also an invaluable way of delivering complex messages and information. For example, if you want to make your followers feel something, videos are your best bet for achieving such objectives. Make your followers fall in love your brand, and posts, and they’ll soon turn into loyal customers.

4.    Leverage Stories

Instagram is a social media network that serves as a distribution platform. It has some unique features that users seem to love. Insta stories, to be more exact, is a fantastic marketing network feature that many brands already leverage to improve business performance. Your content is transmitted in the form of stories, allowing the platform users to access the content for only 24 hours since it has been posted.

Usually, Instagram stories appear on top of your followers’ feeds. The story feature may draw even more attention when its creative and professional aspects are in the proper balance. You can check out some examples of great Instagram story campaigns for your inspiration.

5.    Get Smart and Strategic with #Hastags

Hashtags help you expand your brand’s reach by turning your posts visible to an external audience. Every time you add a #hashtag to one of your posts, people who will be looking for that specific #hashtag in the future will stumble upon your Instagram page. If they find something useful, you just got yourself a new follower.

As I’ve already mentioned earlier, Instagram marketing’s always a numbers’ game. If you can leverage the numbers, your conversions and sales will inevitably increase.

6.    Add Effective CTA’s to All of Your Instagram Posts and Stories

Don’t expect your Instagram page followers to take action on their own because they won’t. The behavior of the Internet user is unique depending on every single individual. Some people may even seek further information, yet if they’re not motivated to take action, well, they never will.

That’s the reason why you should add effective CTAs to all your Instagram’s posts and stories. Tell people to:

  • Comment on your post
  • Visit your website
  • Like your post
  • Tag 2 friends
  • Leave feedback

7.    Include Your Website’s Link to Your Instagram Bio

Lastly yet very importantly, don’t forget to include your website’s link in your Instagram’s bio section. Every follower that gains a considerable interest in your brand will want to check out more information on your site. It would be such wastes if followers couldn’t reach your site, so never forget to take care of this simple and important task. Think about how you can use your bio section to write information that attracts your target audience. It is crucial if you want people to press the follow button! Also, check how to optimize your social media account for local search here.


As you may see, improving your Instagram’s organic reach, followers, and fans engagement will take some work and hustle. You’ll come across challenges and struggles when your efforts don’t pay off the way you thought they would. Instead of perceiving it as “failure,” see it as “customer feedback.” Stay persistent and always keep optimizing your Instagram’s profile and reach campaigns.

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Jade Parker is a talented creative writer and assignment helper. While she’s finishing her studies in communications, she’s helping fashion brands and other commercial teams to reach their audience on Instagram. In her free time, she creates effective social media strategies.

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