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5 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Followers

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Instagram is probably the biggest social media platform after Facebook at the moment with a monthly active user base of 700 Million. Amazed right? And what we will tell you next will surprise you more. According to research, people on Instagram are more likely to buy a product they see on Instagram rather than on Facebook.

And that is true for we are also running an affiliate blog and despite the fact, we have few followers on Instagram than on Facebook, but our Instagram has more engagement and sales. The audience is more interactive an Insta, liking pics, tagging friends, commenting, etc. Even mentioning the company name in their pics from whom they bought that product.

It’s a great promotion tactic, and that’s why you need to have a huge fan base on Instagram. Because more followers will lead to more interactions and more interactions means more sales. This guide will show you five ways to grow your Instagram Followers.

1. Build up a Reputable Profile
The first thing you need to do is that you create an impressive profile. Yeah, that’s right because the first impression is the last impression. And by impressive we mean using amazing product photos taken with a high-quality camera like DSLR. And the post you do on your Insta is related to your product.

No one wants to see useless and bad quality pics on their Insta feeds and believe me it matters. If your work doesn’t include a camera, hire a professional photographer or a social media agency for your Instagram account but remember you need to build a reputable profile.

2. Promote Your Product through Targeted Market Pages
After you’re done with creating a reputable profile, it’s time to find the market your account is going to target. Do your research, find influencers that are promoting the same thing as you. Contact them and see if they are willing to do a promoted post for you. The best way to make them agree is by offering free products. 80% of people accept that, but sometimes, you do need to pay a fee for promotion.

They will mention your product, and you will gain their followers. It’s one of the easiest ways to gain quality followers.

3. Comment Matters A lot on Instagram
If you have used Instagram, you’ll know that commenting on other people posts matters a lot. By engaging on other posts and accounts, you earn followers. It gives you more exposure than likes.

4. Give Back to Your Audience through Giveaways
Giveaways are also necessary to gain Instagram followers. Usually, if you have seen a giveaway on Instagram, you know the rules of it. They are simple, Like the Picture, Tag 2-3 Friends and Follow this account. Do you see what happened there? Your current audience will tag their friends, who in turn will tag their friends in a never-ending loop until the giveaway ends, earning you a considerable amount of followers.

5. Give people a Reason to Follow You
Almost everyone says “Follow us on Instagram” but rather than this boring way why not offer them a reason? If you give them a reason they will follow you by heart and if they love the agenda you’re supporting or spreading they will even tag their friends.

For Example: If your company is helping in charity work or a cause. Don’t forget to mention it on your Instagram and other social media accounts you have. Besides this, you can do similar posts on Instagram to attract and engage your followers.

The above mentioned five ways to Grow your Instagram Followers is a proven way, and by following it you will gain some quality followers on Instagram.

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