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Top 5 Amazing Tools to Embed an Instagram Feed on Your Website

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In the last decade, Instagram has evolved as the best social media platform for marketers to promote and grow their business. Whether it is MSME or a well-known brand, everybody wants to have a presence on it. It is because of a diverse audience that involves users from every generation. 

With this competence to engage a substantial audience for a brand, displaying Instagram content on the web platforms is a new trend. It is mutually beneficial for the brands as well as the customers. Your audience has a rationale while deciding to engage themselves with a brand. They usually opt for the most convenient platforms that offer a serene browsing experience. On the marketer’s end, embedding Instagram feeds saves them from updating their website every now and then. The feeds get synced every time you post on Instagram.

This is done with the help of Instagram widgets. Social media aggregators offer a tool that directly fetches valuable feeds, user-generated content, stories from Instagram and displays them on your website as a well-curated social wall. The content is assembled using hashtags, mentions, and accounts that customers use in their captions and stories. 

Best 5 Tools to Embed Instagram Feeds on a Website

1. Tagembed

Tagembed is the best social media aggregator that effortlessly fetches your Instagram content and displays it as an attractive visual gallery across the website. It is a unified solution that helps you increase website traffic, engagement, and revenues. With Tagembed, you can engage a diverse range of populations that increases the chances of conversion.



  • It offers a budget-friendly, FREE FOREVER plan with all the exclusive features.
  • There are multiple options available to customize your feeds, including layouts, banners, designs, color schemes, themes, and more.
  • With the help of modification features, you can curate the content before displaying them on the website. It helps you remove unwanted posts, comments, and trolls that can degrade your brand value.
  • The robust analytics monitors the performance of the widget. It creates reports regarding user engagement, views, and other activities.
  • It supports multiple website building platforms such as WIX, WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, etc.
  • It offers coding-free integration, which requires no technical expertise.
  • Instant content updates whenever you post on Instagram.

2. Taggbox

Taggbox is a popular UGC platform that allows content curation and flashes them on the website. It helps marketers build trust among their audience. Embedding Instagram feeds helps build a loyal user base, which increases conversion using shoppable feeds.  It makes your website appealing, which enhances your visitor’s browsing experience.



  • It offers a 14 days free trial, which later needs to be upgraded to a dedicated plan.
  • The moderation panel helps you manage what content goes on your website and restricts the unwanted one.
  • It is compatible with many website building platforms like HTML, Wix, Shopify, etc.
  • Customization of feeds with themes, layouts, fonts, colors, and more.
  • Real-time content updates.
  • Responsible Instagram widget with performance management analytics.
  • Attract customers with engaging and interactive content.  

3. Flockler

Flockler is another social media aggregator that embeds an Instagram widget on your website. It aggregates Instagram content using the hashtag, mentions, and account into a feed on your website. This brings vitality to your brand, increasing the dwell time of your customers. 



  • It gives 30 days free trial. Later, you will need an upgraded plan to continue.
  • It comes with various layout options that let you design your social wall on the website.
  • It lets you moderate the content before flashing it on your website. You always have an option to hide unwanted content.
  • With various designing options such as color, font, banners, etc., you can customize the feeds that fit your brand look and feel. 
  • Easy integration with hassle-free setup.

4. Yotpo

Yotpo is a prevalent eCommerce marketing platform that offers advanced features for SMS marketing, customer reviews, visual marketing, referrals, and more. It enhances your customer’s buying experience by displaying their reviews and testimonials on your website. It gives credibility to your brand and increases your user base.



  • It offers a free plan with limited features. For advanced functionality, that plan needs to be upgraded.
  • It embeds a widget on your website that adds UGC in the form of feedback from your customers.
  • Helps your customers make a better buying decision by assembling pictures, images, and reviews generated for a product.
  • Dedicated managers help you with their expert advice and insights about the working of the industry.

5. Snapwidget

Snapwidget is another aggregator that offers embedding functionality for Instagram. The widget gathers content across the platform using Instagram hashtags and mentions and displays them as a social wall for increasing brand awareness.



  • It offers a free plan with minimal features.
  • Allows content updates that liberate you from updating your website every now and then. The only drawback is that it takes a few minutes for the content to get updated.
  • It is compatible with many website building platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, HTML tec.
  • Many widget designs and layouts help you customize your feeds as per your requirements.
  • Attractive designing options help increase your customer engagement.

Benefits of Embedding Instagram Feed

There are quite a few benefits of embedding an Instagram feed on your website:

  • Gives your customers insights about your brand activities.
  • Enhances sales and revenues.
  • Increases dwelling time of the website visitors.
  • Improves conversion rate.
  • User-generated content adds social proof and glorifies your brand.
  • Increases user engagement. 
  • Let’s you manage all the content on a single platform.
  • Displays engaging content on your website which in turn improves its visual appeal.

There are many social media aggregators that offer various features; To help you decide which one to choose, here is a detailed blog with brief insights about some of the tools and their features. 

Final Thoughts

Instagram widgets are the most popular and easiest way to engage your followers and increase brand awareness. Apart from the aforementioned tools, there are some other aggregators that might work best for your website. The tool should satisfy the requirements of your website. And you can uncover the benefits for your brand’s success. 

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