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Increase Your Popularity At Tradeshows With Practical Giveaways

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Promotional products naturally make people happy. After all, who doesn’t love getting something for nothing? It’s widely known throughout the marketing world that consumers are more likely to leave with a favorable impression of a brand if they receive a promotional item.

Alongside the chance to improve a brand’s image in the eye of a customer, the use of promotional products at tradeshows also opens up a new world of additional possibilities for businesses who want to attract prospects and sell more products and services. If you’re looking to

#1. Re-usable Water Bottles

If you’ve ever been to a trade show before, then you’ll know just how easy it is to become dehydrated in those cluttered, sweaty rooms. The good news is that giving someone a branded, reusable bottle ensures that they’re going to carry your logo with you wherever they go for the rest of the day. Not only will your attendees use your bottles when they’re at the tradeshow, listening to talks, and conversing with other brands, but they’ll also continue to use them after the show is over too. Reusable bottles have a long life-span, and they’re great for exercise, picnics, and a host of other activities too!

#2. Tote-Bags


The chances are that you’re not the only brand who’s going to be giving away some free swag at a trade show event. Most companies today know the value of promotional products when it comes to getting their name in front of their target customers, and improving brand awareness. The good news, is that you can easily out-shine other people by giving away a branded tote-bag.

Bags are useful, practical solutions for promotional giveaways, and the people who visit your booth can use them to hold all their product samples, personal possessions, and brochures. Not only do you get some extra free marketing when your customers are carrying your bags around the tradeshow floor, but you also sneakily get to undermine your competitor’s visibility efforts, because their promotional products will be hidden behind your logo.

#3. USB Chargers

Whether your tradeshow caters largely to younger people or modern businessmen, you can rest assured that everyone you speak to is going to have their smartphone or tablet with them. Trade show attendees might be taking a break from the office, but you should know that they’re constantly connected to their workplace via calls, texts, email, and the internet. Constant communication takes a serious toll on device battery life, which is why you can often see attendees queuing up to get their hands on the closest outlet.

If you can give away a branded USB charger at your next tradeshow, then you can actively identify yourself as your target client’s “hero” in their time of need. The next time they have a problem that they need to fix fast, they’re more likely to think of your logo, and associate it with something that can offer an easy, convenient solution to their issues.

#4. Food and Drink

Giving away food and drink at a tradeshow event might not seem particularly glamorous, but it serves a very important purpose. Think of the last trade show you visited. Usually, these places are crammed full of brands to speak to, and products to explore. All that walking around can quickly build up an appetite, which leaves your attendees desperate for food and drink by the time they get half way through the trade experience.

Some branded food and drink items, such as cupcakes with your logo on, or personalized candy bars, are simple, and cost-effective ways to show your value to your customers. What’s more, if you’re willing to give your attendees something sweet, the chances are that they’ll be in a better mood when it comes to discussing your product.

#5. Headphones and Speakers

Audio devices such as headphones and speakers are ideal items to giveaway at tradeshows because they can be used both inside and outside of the show in a variety of ways. For example, your attendees might use your headphones to plug into another company’s product demonstration and get an idea of what they’re offering through a promotional video. Alternatively, you could make your audio giveaway part of your own product demonstration.

Bluetooth speakers and headphones can also be used back at the hotel room to help your potential leads unwind and relax after a day of exploring different companies. When all they want to do is forget about business, your company will be the one that sticks in their mind.

#6. Smartphone Wallet

Smartphones dominate the world that we live in today, and they’re likely to be here for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, what better way to offer value to your visitors than to give them a smartphone wallet that they can use to protect their favorite gadget? Make sure that your wallet features your company logo, and works with the colors of your branding too.

Try to make sure that your cellphone wallet comes with plenty of different sections so that customers can comfortably store their credit cards, and any business cards that they might get from other companies. That way, every time they go to put another company’s card away, they’ll be reminded of your brand.

Choosing the Best Promotional Giveaways

Picking the ideal tradeshow giveaway items can be something of a challenge, but when you learn how to do it right, you’ll be sure to end up with great returns in terms of traffic, attendee engagement, and lead generation. As with any marketing effort, when choosing your solution, remember to keep your budget and your goals in mind.

From branded hand sanitizer to help attendees stay hygienic when shaking a dozen hands, to breath mints for fresher breath during endless conversations, there are countless practical giveaways out there that can help you to show value in your brand.

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