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Improve Your Sales Pitch With These 10 Brilliant Hacks

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We often get dozens of sales email every day but only a few of these gets read. The rest go straight to the trash or spam folders, never to be seen again. In fact, according to a

Stop Sending Generic Emails

I don’t waste time reading scripted emails, and neither should you. The reason generic emails often get a bad rep is that most of them try to create a fake sense of personalization. Who wants to get a message from someone pretending to know you?

If you’re going to send a sales pitch to a potential lead – create a pitch that’s honest and genuine. Invest time in researching about the person you’re going to pitch the product/services. What value can you add to their business? What’s in it for them? When you make the reasons clear in your sales pitch, there’s a higher chance of getting a positive response.

Get to the Point

If you want your email to be read from the first sentence to the last, then keep it short and sweet. Hook the reader with a clever opening. You can start by educating why he needs your offer – and follow the sentence with supporting facts/stats or illustration that will strengthen your argument. It could be anything from a chart that shows your current progress or video testimonials that prove how good your product/service is.

Nobody likes to read a full-length essay about your rag to riches story – or how you got the company going after three devastating bankruptcy. Save the backstory for later. Readers are more likely to respond to pitches that are clear and concise.

Use a Casual Tone

You’re not pitching to a machine – so talk like a human. Use an informal tone, similar to conversing with a friend or acquaintance. Don’t ramble, instead focus on your client first and your service second. Let him see that you know what you’re talking about; do an extensive research on the prospect you are pitching to. Be intuitive and show appreciation to your recipient. Remember, you’re simply pitching an idea. The best way to build a rapport is by genuinely empathizing with your customer’s needs. At the end of the day, it’s up to them if they want to respond or not.

Choose an Appropriate Subject Line

Your subject line is as important as the content of your pitch. This is the first thing that will be read once your message pops in their inboxes. If you want your email to be opened, stop using generic or spammy subject lines that will hurt your chances of success. Examples of spammy subject lines include ALL CAPS phrases, exclamation marks, and words like “Free, guarantee, or money” Also, don’t focus on you, the product you’re selling, or the company you’re representing. Instead, create a subject line that captures the reader’s emotion and promises a benefit.

Keep the Questions Simple

A pitch shouldn’t include long open-ended questions that are hard to respond to. Choose questions that would elicit a quick response. Like “What’s the best mailing address I can reach you?” instead of “Are you interested in engaging business with me”? Remember, you’re not sending a sales pitch to blatantly sell something, usually, it’s just a way to connect with your potential client. So before you push the send button take a careful last look and change questions that are hard to answer.

Give Something for Free

While it may not seem the wisest move when you’re in a little financial mess, freebies make great motivational tools for readers. Once they know they’re getting something valuable from your email – they’ll open and click your links. In fact, one study which tested different types of content to see which has the highest rates for opens and clicks revealed that emails with free tools/templates are a reader’s favorite.

Sell Stuff in Your Signature

Signatures, although often under-utilized in emails, is also an important part of your sales pitch. The average marketer would simply put his title, contact info, and website but the expert will use his signature to sell anything he wants to! He could put a link to an eBook, webinar, or anything that will add credibility.

Avoid Boring Emails

Lots of email pitches suck. Some of them are almost identical to the point that they’re a bore to read. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your pitch. As much as possible, leave out the irrelevant details that waste your reader’s time.

Try to stand out by using fresh ideas. For example, you can use a video that will help you reach out to a new lead. Focus on showing that you care and understand your reader’s pain points and that you’re willing to help solve their problems. Once you gain their trust – it will be easy to talk about your service/products which you want to sell.


Stay in touch. If you don’t get a reply after two days – send the message again. Don’t hesitate to give a friendly nudge. Maybe he just forgot to give you a reply, or perhaps he wasn’t ready. Whatever the reason, keep your cool and don’t look too desperate. Otherwise, you’ll annoy and chase away your potential client.

Hire an Expert Copywriter

Find someone suitable for the task and let him take over the process. Creative copywriters can provide content for your email pitches as well as marketing materials. They can craft content that matches the vision of your brand while reaching your target market and outselling your competitors.

A successful sales pitch equals to success in opening rates and conversion. By following the tips above, you can improve sales pitch and earn more money in the long run.

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