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How To Use Gamification To Generate Leads

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Gamification to generate leads means taking a boring process and making it fun. Lead generation is typically what I’d consider a “boring” process. It’s a place where businesses often feel pushy and consumers feel pressured to give up information. The whole process can be uncomfortable and not an amazing way to begin the relationship with a new customer.

Gamifying lead generation can take those perceptions and turn them around, creating a fun experience out of lead generation. For the purpose of clarity, we will be looking at quizzes, which are a specific form of lead generation gamification.

How Quizzes work as gamification for lead generation.

One of the earliest forms of a game – quizzes are an excellent tool for generating leads. Boiled down, quizzes generate leads by interacting with web visitors through a series of questions, and then asking for an email address in order to display the results. Quizzes convert at 50%, meaning that half of all people who begin a quiz will put in their email address to see their results, even with an obvious “skip” option.  This graphic shows how that works.

Why does gamifying lead generation work?

The give-and-take equation is balanced

In order to convert at a high rate, lead generation must give more than it takes.  Sure, a quiz asks for some information from the user, but in return they are getting access to personal, pertinent information. Because the quiz offers to give something right now in return for the lead, it’s a hard offer to refuse. This is what’s called the power of reciprocity. When people receive something, they feel obligated to return the favor. Quizzes accomplish this by doling out personalized advice in return for an email address


The wall is at the back 

Traditional lead capture forms require information before any kind of interaction happens. This is akin to requiring customers to buy something from your store before they can come inside – super rude. Quizzes allow you to connect with the customer before asking for any kind of contact information. There is a conversation that takes place prior to any kind of ask, and during that conversation the prospect becomes more comfortable with you, your brand, and the idea of giving you their contact information.

gamified lead generation

 Quizzes are conversational (and we like conversation)

Having a conversation with a fellow human being makes good. The process of talking to people actually releases dopamine in our bodies, a naturally produced chemical that causes good feelings. Quizzes take just a little bit of that good feeling and put it online.

How to use games effectively (3 Examples)

#1. Test Progress

Skilledup has created the most comprehensive guide to Microsoft Excel that exists on the internet today. It’s a massive, 50-point list of tips, tricks, and lessons. The page sees thousands of visits every single day and has helped a mountain of people improve at excel. Skilledup uses a quiz right in the middle of their massive guide to test users’ progress and see how much they’ve learned. In return, they ask for an email address.

testing using quizzes

#2. Give customers a personality

Blogelina is a popular site for learning blogging skills. They use a quiz to help readers find their blogging personality in return for an email address that gets added to Blogelina’s weekly newsletter. Personality quizzes are just good fun in general and the fact that Blogelina personalized the personality quiz to her niche makes it a slam dunk for lead generation.


#3. Get (really) Personal

People like themselves (a lot). Help them learn something about themselves, and you’ve got a killer game. The beauty of games and quizzes is that you can collect information about visitors in a non-weird way and use that information to spit back advice and tips personalized to each player.

How to add games to facebook and your website: 

So quizzes are cool, but how do I add one to my site? Games are only cool if they actually connect with my users in the places they are already interacting with your brand.

  • On Your Site (wordpress): Setting up a quiz on your site takes just a few minutes. It boils down to three simple steps; first pick a category of quiz you’d like, second, pick a quiz template that matches your site, and third customize that template to your liking (quizzes work best when they are written in your own voice).
  • On Facebook: Setting up a quiz on facebook is a little more involved, so it’s a good thing there is a comprehensive guide on how to do it! Adding a quiz tab on facebook is an amazing way to begin generating leads through your fan page, especially if you have a lot of followers.

Lead generation is often viewed as a necessary evil in business. It must be done to drive growth, but no one really enjoys it. Games can change that by turning lead generation into an enjoyable conversation with customers.  

Have you used gamification in your lead generation? I’d love to chat about it in the comments.

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