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How to Increase Sales Using Different Social Media Platforms

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Social media has disrupted the world of marketing. There are already over


Facebook is tagged as the most popular social media site as of today. Creating your business’ Facebook page is a no-brainer.

When you are starting out, create your About Me page as interesting and informative as possible. Make sure that your audience can easily find ways to contact you by posting your website and contact information. Also, remember to post an appealing photo for the cover and profile picture of your page.

Another thing to keep in mind is to engage with your audience. Your goal when posting should be to catch your followers’ attention and to get them to engage on your posts.

There are instances when you do have lots of followers, but only a few take time to read your posts. And that is a huge waste of your resources.

Here are some of the exciting things you can post to keep your audiences engaged:

  • Facts
  • Questions
  • Photo quotes
  • Fun videos
  • Memes
  • Links to interesting and inspiring articles

Of course, you can’t expect to increase your sales through Facebook without putting an effort and engaging your audiences.


Instagram is famously known for being a photo-sharing social site. But, the opportunities for businesses can sometimes start from a single photo being ‘liked’ and shared by thousands of people in different walks of life. And Instagram is the perfect platform for that.

To start your Instagram journey, we’ve listed three things to keep in mind.

Showcase your products well

Photos are truly essential when you are trying to sell a product. Without it, your audiences are less likely to trust and buy from you.

Don’t just take a picture then post it instantly; put an effort and try to prove why people should buy your products by simply showing them the photo. You don’t even have to purchase expensive equipment; you can use your smartphone for product photography as well.

Run a contest

Who doesn’t enjoy fun games especially with rewards? Another way to increase your sales on Instagram is running a contest on your feed. This will surely catch your audience’s attention and is an excellent way to help boost your business’ followers.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is one of their latest updates. You can take photos and short videos of your products or services and post. The time that it’s posted is limited to only 24 hours, but it appears on top of their feeds and is most likely to view it.


Twitter is one of the most used and famous social media platforms in the world. Many people probably think that Twitter’s sole purpose is for giving information and news to its followers. However, it is also possible to use Twitter to sell your products. With its huge followers across the planet, advertising on Twitter is a good choice.

Connect with influencers

Twitter’s user base is massive. There are celebrities, famous bloggers, community leaders, journalists, and other people you can reach out to that’s within your niche. These people have established their followers so collaborating with them can help boost up your sales.

Use the right hashtags

Think of hashtags as categories of each post. There are popular ones and the others not so much. But even with little popularity, each hashtag has its specific audience. Adding it to your posts can help your audience find your business easily.

Build relationships

Twitter is widely used to connect and build relationships so use it to engage with your followers actively. People like it when they feel that the business they are talking to can understand them and doesn’t sound like a robot when responding, so always keep it personalized.


Pinterest is one of the leaders when it comes to driving sales to businesses. Also, 72 percent of Pinterest users use it to look for and decide what to buy when they make offline purchases. Here below are our suggestions on what to do on Pinterest to improve your sales.


Coupons are very popular in the community. When you add the words free, discount, deals, and coupons, there’s a higher chance that you’ll get visitors.

Use the ‘Pin it Button’

The Pin it Button is to be added to your business website. Whenever they click this button, they can easily add your photos straight to their Pinterest boards. The more your photos are pinned, the more people you will reach.


Snapchat, undoubtedly, one of the top contenders in social media platforms. It has over 178 million active users as of last year. While Instagram is famous for aesthetically pleasing photos, Snapchat is mostly for quick videos.

If you decide to grow your sales through this platform, here are what you can do:

While Snapchat still has a room for growth, it’s still a creative way to engage to drive engagement to your business and ultimately, gain sales.

Final thoughts

When you understand how social media marketing works not only for others but specifically for your business, the only thing to do is to continue doing better techniques each time.

If you want to go to the paid advertisements avenue, read this in-depth resource that can help you get started.

We hope this helped answer some of your questions on how to increase sales through social media. Remember, When you pay attention to people, you’ll be able to give better service and get loyal customers in the long run.

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