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How To Get Instant Customer Reviews Using QR Codes For Your Business

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To maintain an online reputation, you need to get reviews for your online business. Nowadays, the majority of the population worldwide use smartphones. Smartphones have made our life much easier and smoother. Now, giving a review for a particular business is so easy. One can simply scan the QR code with a smartphone and get directed to the business page online.  A QR code connects your business with the consumers directly. With the help of smartphones and internet, consumers can give reviews about your business and help it grow in a healthy manner.

When you give an online review about a business, thousands of other people visiting that website get influenced by your review. Your reviews can be powerful. Your brand gets known to thousands of people, your profit margin rises up and automatically from a small business, you grow up to be a huge business tycoon. Success in business is not about luck, it’s about the strategies you implement.

Let me explain in detail why customer reviews matter:

  • Increases Sales: Reviews help a lot in increasing the sales of the business. It makes the customers informed about the business, allows them a space to share their experience, helps you to upgrade your business and so on. It’s the basic nature of consumers to opt for something which has been found as satisfactory by others. So, when people visiting your page find that your business is getting a lot of good reviews, they will obviously love to try it out.

  • Helps you understand your customers: When a customer gives an online review about your business, you can directly see it and get connected to the customer. So, a direct medium between the consumers and the business owners is created. Through the reviews, the business owners can understand what they need to do right in their business and how they can improve it all the more.

  • Influences your rank: Rank of a business in the search engine results page is very important. So, more are the customers visiting a website, higher is the rank of the website in the search engine results page. To get a business popular in Google, Bing, Yahoo etc., you need people to visit your website frequently.

  • Power of positive and negative reviews: If a business gets a good amount of positive reviews from the customers, it will get a high popularity. Therefore, positive reviews of the customers are extremely powerful and necessary for the up gradation of your business. But negative reviews are equally important, because when a customer complains about certain things only then the business owner get the space to correct his business. This creates a mutual bond between the two and the business flourishes.

These are a few reasons why online reviews are very much important for a particular business. Now, if you are worried about how to list your business online, Vintelli is a good solution. In Vintelli, different business owners list their business online. For each business listed on Vintelli, a dashboard is created. In that dashboard, you get regular updates about your business online. In the dashboard, a QR code is automatically generated having your business name and URL.

Now, let’s focus on what is a QR code and how does it help in the improvement of your business.

Importance of QR code

Before you get to know what is the importance of QR code, what you need to be clear about is, what is a QR code. QR codes are nothing but an upgraded version of bar codes. The full form of QR code is Quick Response code. A phone number or a URL is kept hidden in these codes and when you scan these codes with iPhone or any android facilitated phone, you can see it and get directed to the website. QR codes have gained a lot of popularity today and people find them much easier to use.

Advantages of QR code:

  • It is possible to scan the QR code from any direction, means you can scan it from 360 degrees.
  • A QR code looks a bit weird. So, most of the people get curious to know what’s inside the code. It’s really interesting and good for marketing policies.

You can easily download a QR code reader in your smartphone. For an android phone, download an app known as QR code reader, and an iPhone user can download Quick Scan app. Like these, there are various other apps which can help you read a QR code; you just need to know which app is best for your smartphone. Most of the QR code reader apps come for free.

Let’s see how can you apply QR code in your business:

  1. Use QR code to help people get directly connected to your business website.
  2. Through the QR code you may share some interesting messages which will be loved by your customers. (for e.g. MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAVE A GOOD DAY etc. )
  3. Hide some discounts in these codes which can be availed by the customers if they scan the QR code.
  4. Put your business details in the code so that the customers can easily reach out to you.
  5. You can also use QR code to get linked to Google maps to help your customers locate your new store easily.
  6. Use QR code to link up to a YouTube video where your company’s ad can be viewed and enjoyed.

These are a few ways you can use QR code in your business. Another smart way to employ QR code for business is to use it to get reviews. All of us are aware of the fact that reviews are highly important for a business. Let’s see how to use QR codes to get customer reviews for your business.

When a consumer goes to a restaurant to have a good meal and gets satisfied, he feels good about the restaurant. The consumer thinks why not share the good experience in the website of the business and help other people know about the restaurant. The consumer finds the QR code on the menu card, bill or on the glass door of the restaurant. He just scans the code and soon gets directed to the restaurant’s website, where he can give his valuable review about the restaurant.

Some of the businesses that let you use QR codes are:

#1. Vintelli – In the case of Vintelli, thousands of businesses are listed, with each having its individual business page with unique customer satisfaction index scores. Every business page has a QR code, which a customer can scan to reach the corresponding business website. Business owners can get the QR code from their business page dashboard after claiming or adding their businesses. A restaurant or any other business can place the QR code provided by Vintelli on its menu cards, bills, walls and doors, from where customers can scan the QR code and get directed to the business website where they can place their review. With that review, the business owner can understand where and what he needs to improve to make customers happy. Therefore, in this case, both customers and business owners are benefited.

#2. Brownbook – Brownbook has lots of businesses listed in it. Here the QR code is given in the business listing page with the business itself. This QR code can be scanned by the customer to get the phone number and then they can directly contact the business. This obviously facilitates the customers but in this case the business owner is nowhere benefited. The QR code here is small, its resolution is low and it’s difficult to print or attach it anywhere.

#3. Yelp – Yelp is another website that lets you get QR code for your business. However, the QR code is not automatically generated here as soon as the business is listed on the website. The business owner needs to take some steps to generate the QR code. Customers can post their reviews on the business page after they have enjoyed the service of a business listed on Yelp. They can also scan the QR code, go to the business website and then place their reviews .

These are the few sites that provide QR codes and let you enjoy the benefits of QR code.

It’s very important for entrepreneurs and customers to have a good tie up and bond, only then a business flourishes. When customers give reviews on the business website, the business owner gets encouraged to build a better business. QR codes are the fastest and easiest way of getting reviews for your business.

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