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How to Earn Backlinks In 2021 – 6 Proven Ways

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The websites you see on the top search results have come a long way before they achieved such positions. One of the tactics they use permanently is backlink building. How do we know it? Backlinks for Google are one of the most important ranking factors.

Marketing experts always try to keep up with current trends in digital marketing. We are here to present to you the 6 ways to collect backlinks that work perfectly today, in 2021. 

Quality Backlinks – What are They

Both the number and the quality of your backlinks matter for the rankings. The “right” backlinks serve as a signal for Google that your page contains information that is useful or/and interesting for the visitors.

Google algorithms decide whether or not a backlink is high-quality based on search engine guidelines. You should learn the basic features of such backlinks to look for them in every link you get:

  • such backlinks come from websites with high domain authority, as well as high traffic inflow rate;
  • the linking website should belong to a similar niche;
  • avoid backlinks from a website with a questionable reputation;
  • the backlinks should be an organic part of the content, which means to have an appropriate anchor text and context surrounding the backlink.

You can learn more about how to start your link building campaign from scratch, and here we want to tell you about the most effective backlink earning tactics for 2021.

6 Trendy Ways to Build Backlinks in 2021

1. Generate the Right Content

Any marketing strategy does not make any sense if you do not produce high-quality content for your website. Even if you manage to build backlinks without great content, the results will not last for a long time. The reason is quite simple: you hunt for backlinks to drive traffic, but your audience will not pay for your product or service if you do not present it well. 

Quality content implies valuable information that would be interesting and engaging for your target audience and offers solutions for their concerns. Different formats of written and visual content can be trendy and work well at some point. Their effectiveness also varies depending on specific niches.

One example of today’s trendy format is an ultimate guide. It is a kind of evergreen content that embraces as many aspects of the chosen topic as possible. In niche ultimate guides, people can find an answer to any question that may occur. Other websites often refer to such posts, so it is a true magnet for backlinks. 

2. Just Ask for Backlinks

The easiest way to build backlinks is manual outreach. Find an influencer or an established business from your niche and request a backlink from it. To succeed, you may need to present your product or service for free, so that these people become familiar with your offer.

Do not forget that your guest post aims at your partner’s audience. Try to add value to their lives with it, but do not turn it into a promotional campaign for your product or service.

In this way, you will not only enrich your backlink profile with another great link but also present your brand to a wider audience. In addition, you will strengthen your reputation, as influencers often become social proof for the quality of your products or services. 

3. Invest in Guest Posting 

This tactic is similar to manual outreach, but in our view works even better. Instead of requesting a link, you place it in the content that you offer to another website or blog. That is also your chance to show your expertise in questions related to your niche. 

Reaching out to special SEO services is a faster way of building backlinks with guest posting. You can buy backlinks from the USA or order a guest post for a proven website to avoid risks and save some time for other backlink management tactics.

4. Shadow Your Competitors’ Backlinks

Other brands from your niche do not lose time either. They put much effort into building their backlink profile, and you can use it to complement yours. Analyze their backlinks and replicate the best of them. That may sound cunning, but if done right, counts as a white-hat backlinking strategy, too.

5. Revive Dead Backlinks

Broken link building has been popular for the last few years, and it will be relevant in the future, too. You simply find backlinks on other pages that are inactive, connect with the website owner, and offer a link to your web page instead of the dead one. 

The beauty of this tactic lies in its two-way effects. Broken links can harm the ranking drastically, that is why you can help your partners and build your backlink profile at the same time.

6. Leverage Your Mentions

Turning mentions into backlinks is the best and fastest backlink building tactic for established companies. Publishers that already know your content, products, or services, can mention you in their content. Contact them to ask politely to replace this mention with a link to your page.

Wrapping Up

Backlinking strategies can be trendy, as well as any approach in the world of digital marketing. You might want to track and follow them to get long-lasting results. On, you can check out more information about backlinks management. Never stop educating yourself and strengthen your backlink profile, and your success will be forthcoming.

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