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How to Distribute Your Business Cards The Right Way

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Business cards have always been there to aid any company in more ways than one. It wasn’t created just to be used as a bookmark or as a scratch paper. People use them to spread the word about their upcoming or ongoing business, and to make sure that future clients will be able to contact them should anyone wish to avail of their product or service.

These tiny pieces of paper commonly made from card stock are easy and affordable to produce. Perhaps, that is the main reason business cards are the rage in a professional’s world. But why are most of them just ignored or taken for granted?

One probable cause is that those people who are giving out the business cards are not doing it right. Here are some of the most important and most basic things that should be kept in mind, when distributing business cards:

The What

First of all, what do you do with your business cards?

You give them out, of course! That’s why there are so many of them printed out – there should be enough to give to anybody and to be placed anywhere. But first, make sure the business card should include all the important information: your name, your company, and different ways to reach you (e.g. mobile number, office number, fax, e-mail, etc.).

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The Where

Now, where do you put them?

The simplest way to answer this question is to know where your target customers will most probably see them. Try doing it backwards – determine who your target customers are, find out where most or all of them frequently go, then put your business cards there. Add that memorable effect by placing them on unusual places like in the bathroom, on the cup dispensers, or even on tissue holders. Be creative. Think out of the box.

The Who

Who will receive your business cards?

Basically, you give your business cards to past, present, and future clients. But why stop there? Give them to your friends or relatives who might know someone who can potentially be your customer someday. Tap on your network. Who knows? You might find your next big deal there.

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The When

If you’re aiming to give an unforgettable impression to prospective clients, timing can be very important. Try catching them off guard. For instance, after meeting them, run after them and hand out your business card. This is just one example, though. Come up with different ways to leave a lasting impression on your prospects.

Abiding by these guidelines would surely make you get your money’s worth when printing out those business cards. Do you have more tips that you can pass on to other people? Feel free to let us know through your comments below.

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