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How to Create Giveaway to boost SEO Rank?

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Getting your website to emerge on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs) among billions is not an easy task. In fact, more than 90% of people look only at the first SERP. The harsh reality is if your website isn’t on the first page of the search engines, then you can’t earn high organic traffic.

Newly launch websites often struggle to rank in Google without backlinks and buying them from spammy websites leads to Google penalties. So many websites opt for paid linking or guest post which consumes money as well as time in selecting relevant, high domain authority websites. If you are searching for quick legal backlinks, at budget? Then look no further than Giveaway.

Running a giveaway is one of the best and proven ways to boost the organic traffic and the SEO rank of your website. Learn the top strategy to host a giveaway to reap all the SEO benefits.

Giveaway not only boosts social media followers, website traffic & email subscribers but also creates organic linkback. You have to just launch a giveaway with a great prize and your followers will do the rest. Make sure you execute your giveaway properly to get the most ROI from your giveaway.


Where to Host the Giveaway?

You can host a social media contest or a giveaway on your own website.

Social Media Contest

Nobody exactly knows what algorithm Google uses to rank websites in their search engine results. Google looks at various factors such as backlinks, keywords, social media presence, updated content, and more to determine the rank for your website. Most companies make a huge mistake by ignoring social media which is crucial part of algorithm. Everything, social media followers, engagements, comments, and shares have a great impact on your website SEO too.

Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter contest creates social buzz and backlinks which ultimately contribute to organic SEO ranking. Social Media contest does not have a direct impact but has a positive effect on SEO ranking.


How Social Media Contest Boost SEO?

Increase in followers:

When your number of followers boosts organically, Google detects the quality of followers.

Build External Inbound Links.

Your website rank and domain authority boost automatically when you generate quality backlinks, or inbound links from high-quality websites by mentioning and collaborating with influencers.

Social Engagement

When people share, like, retweet, and comment on your posts, Google considers it useful and amplifies your website’s SEO rank in SERPs.


When a lot of people enter your giveaway and mention your brand hashtag, it enhances visibility and builds brand recognition. This leads to brand searches on Google and thus boost your SEO search rankings.

Contest or Giveaway on Website

To maximize the performance of your online giveaway, embed the landing page to your existing website. For Example, if your website URL is, then the embedded URL would be Utilizing your existing website not only builds trust among users but also drives traffic to your website. Never use unmemorable URLs for your contest or giveaway as they never rank high on SERP.


How to Create a Giveaway?

Choose a Goal

Decide what you want in return: build an email list, grow social media followers, boost website traffic, create new app downloads & sign-ups, increase YouTube video views or brand awareness. But as per this article, let’s imagine your goal is to boost SEO and website traffic. To achieve this goal, you must run a giveaway on your website with bonus entries. You can ask users to submit their email addresses to gain initial entry and complete the actions like follow, like, share and comment on social media for bonus entries. Thus, you can achieve multiple-goal simultaneously.

If you want to run a giveaway on social media, then ask users to visit your website along with like, share, tag & follow to win.  Users don’t hesitate to visit your website if they are getting a prize for free.

Tip: If you are hosting a giveaway on your website, then share it on all your social media channels to direct Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter traffic to your website. Just, share a post with a link to the giveaway page. You can even share the link in your Instagram bio.

Pick the Right Prize

The prize is the only thing that entices users to enter your giveaway or contest. So the selection of the prize is very crucial. The right prize can make your giveaway while a wrong prize can break it.

Never offer a flashy prize like a laptop, iPhone, cash, gift card, or iPad just to draw entrants. It may get you lots of entries but the majority of entrants are not your target audience as they are interested only in prizes.

Always offer a prize relevant to your brand to gain a niche audience. You can offer a prize package of your own products or something closely relevant to your brand.

Tip: Try to offer multiple prizes instead of single to gain more entries. People often love to enter the giveaway with multiple prizes as they have more odds of winning a prize.

Consider Partnering

Partnering with brand or influencer help to extend the prize pool as well as the visibility of the contest. Make sure, the brand or influencer you are partnering with is relevant to your brand to gain a target audience.

Build the Giveaway

You can use third-party software such as Shortstack, Gleam, Rafflecopter, Vyper, Woobox, etc. to create an online contest or giveaway without any coding.  These giveaway tools let you easily design a contest and track them in real-time. They also help to keep all the collected data organized. These giveaway tools are free but charge you a nominal fee for more advanced features.

 Promote Your Giveaway Like Crazy

Launching a giveaway is not enough to make it viral. Promotion is the only thing that lets your audience know about your giveaway. Try all the free and paid advertising ways to promote your giveaway online and make it a success. You can share it on sweepstakes communities and forums, social media, giveaway linky lists, Facebook groups, emails, or a partner’s websites.

If you have enough budget, then go for paid promotion channels such as sweepstakes directories, Video ads, Social influencers, and more. Google Adwords and Facebook ads can give more clicks or traffic but not SEO benefits.

There are 100s of sweepstakes directories & giveaway linky sites, and over 40 Facebook groups so submitting your giveaway on each of them is tedious and time-consuming.  So to save your precious time, works for you at a mere cost, which is worth of every penny spent.

Pick a Winner

The final step is to select a winner from all the entries on the day you promised. Never delay the winner selection as it breaks the trust of users. Once done, publish the names of the winners publicly to congratulate them and contact them. Also, follow up with the winners to make sure that they have received the prize

Tip:  Ask winners to share their appreciation for you on Facebook or Twitter to build trust among other users.



Hope this article has helped you to understand how to create a giveaway, contest, or sweepstakes to boost the SEO rank of your website. If you run a giveaway for SEO correctly, then you will gain multiple benefits such as social media and brand awareness, SEO benefits, an email database, and more. Just remember one thing, always create a niche-specific giveaway to make it successful.

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