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How The iPad 3 Might Change Email Marketing

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Apple doesn’t waste any time capitalizing on the success of its products. Case in point – the iPad 2 is still a hot seller, but that didn’t stop the computer giant from introducing a third generation of the insanely popular tablet device approximately one year later. Apple’s latest multimedia powerhouse is expected to be on the public shelves any day now, so let’s take a look at how the iPad 3 could potentially change email marketing.

More Opens

The iPad 3 is said to be loaded with tons of exciting features – some basic, others more advanced than what was offered in previous generations. One iPad feature that has always been of great interest to email marketers is support for email.

  • Users of this tablet device love to use it to read electronic mail, and according to statistics, that number is on the rise.
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    Higher Engagement

    Desktop and laptop computers are perfect for multitasking. And while the iPad shares many of their conventional qualities, it generally is not intended to serve as a workhorse for the user. So although a user may be reading an article and shopping for web hosting while simultaneously having their inbox open on a PC, they are much more likely to be viewing email and email only on their tablet. This is potentially great news for the email marketer because it means subscribers could be free of distractions and more engaged when viewing their message. The more engaged they are, the more likely they are to actually respond with positive action.

    Tablet-Friendly Designs

    Some email marketers are still thinking past tense with their designs. In other words, they are designing their campaigns as if subscribers will surely be reading their message in a standard desktop or webmail client, not taking into account all the people who now consume email on smartphones and tablet devices. The tablet frenzy grows bigger with each year and converts more subscribers over to a new medium with its growth. With the iPad 3 leading the charge, its popularity may convince email marketers to see that tablet-friendly designs are the way to go.

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    The tablet has arrived, and judging from worldwide sales, it is here to stay. Amazon Kindles are hot sellers, and Android powered devices are on the rise, but the iPad is still reigning over the tablet market with an iron fist. If anything, the introduction of the third generation will only increase its dominance. Email marketers who like to stay on the cusp of technology may want to consider optimizing their strategy for the iPad 3.


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