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How A Unique Packaging Design Influences Customers’ Minds

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In today’s scenario; innovative, smart, and unique packaging is increasingly becoming a crucial element in targeting consumers so that they start to emotionally attach themselves to a brand. Consumers now, are facing an ever increasing number of purchasing decisions with countless alternatives.

On a typical supermarket shelf, consumers are subjected to a wide range of visual cues that spur emotional reactions, catch their attention, and prompt them to make a purchasing decision straight away. Due to its effectiveness, the

Packaging Design Conveys Perceptible Brand Attributes

A relevant and attractive design is not just capable of making a positive impact on consumers, but also creates a ripple effect among others. When it comes to an innovative packaging design, a company’s brand is a strategic mix of the logo, colors, slogan, punchline, or other important information. It is important for the businesses to be clear as to what emotions do their companies inspire in their consumers, and the message they wish to convey to the people at large.

Product packaging design conveys brand attributes in following ways:

#1. Color Combinations

Colors are the most conspicuous and obvious elements in a packaging design that contribute to branding and positive perception. Colors work towards establishing an emotional relationship with consumers by appealing the latter using subtle nuances. The famous design of Coca-Cola is the most appropriate example of how a packaging design’s color combination makes a strong appeal to the consumers’ minds. Over the years, the red and white colors of Coca-Cola have given it an exclusive appeal for its users.

#2. Use of Symbols and Logos

Various symbols and logos printed on a packaging design can have varying degrees of effects on consumers’ psyche. These are effective elements in conveying branding also. In fact, the logos and emblems of a number of world famous companies make a strong appeal to the consumers whenever they see them. For example, Nike’s logo appearing on various magazines and billboards tells a lot in the subconscious minds of customers, or Apple’s logo on the back of an iPhone conveys quality and creativity. Moreover, the famous arches of McDonald’s give an impression of convenience, taste, and affordability.

#3. Use of Materials

Materials used in creating a packaging design are also equally important in influencing consumers’ minds. Specific materials carry specific branding messages. For example, a velvet box of famous Tiffany’s jewelry store in New York City conveys a message of exclusivity, wealth, and luxury. A simple plain box made from a recycled material, on the other hand, creates an impression of being an eco-friendly company that cares about the environment.

#4. Unique Shapes of Packaging Designs

Exclusive shapes of various products have a propensity to create an exclusive image in the minds of consumers. This is the reason why unique shapes of packaging designs have long been used as effective branding purposes. A uniquely shaped package sets a company’s product apart on the market, where one product appears quite similar to another.

Packaging Influences Buying Decisions

According to a recent study, it was found that 52% of online customers said that they would purchase a product again if its packaging was appealing. The fact is consumers are likely to reuse a unique and well-designed packaging. In another survey, around 30% of businesses conceded that customers are likely to buy their products when they refocus on their packaging. The fact also is a careful placement of logos, symbols, and eye-catching typography makes the packaging more legible and vital, which in turn appeals the customers even more.

Packaging design influences customers on many levels. If it is aesthetically pleasing, it becomes more attractive and the products that are attractively packaged are more closely examined by the consumers and eventually the competition is narrowed down. All this makes it more likely that they will buy the product. Today, the power of social media cannot be undermined. Since an attractive package is more likely to get noticed on social media, the latter provides an important platform for sharing information among consumers. Due to this very reason, a recommendation from a friend will more likely to result in a purchasing decision.

Finally, let us revisit the strong correlation between packaging design and logo that reinforces the perception of brand power in consumers. The psychology of design behind packaging and logo is a complicated process that involves many separate but complementary elements. Which is why packaging designers have to consider not just the logo placement but the overall perception of the packaging design itself. Therefore, for packaging designers and brand managers, choosing a correct packaging design enhances the brand’s image in the minds of consumers. It is an important way to emphasize brand power, create a value proposition, and influence the minds of consumers.


When it comes to creating product packaging designs in order to influence consumer buying behaviors, there are many considerations at the disposal of packaging designers. The look and feel aspect, the functional and economic viability, and shape & size features of a product are important components that should be carefully looked into before starting its packaging.

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