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Here’s How Your Website Can Get More ROI Through Organic Traffic

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Generating organic traffic is the hardest work you will ever put into your website. If truth be told, it is the greatest investment of time, effort and resources you can make for your business website. However, it is quite easy to get traffic and increase your ROI through paid campaigns. But nearly every business owner knows that organic traffic converts better and can provide long-term success.

However, it seems more appealing to spend a few bucks on Google AdWords and Facebook retargeting ads to get immediate traffic. But, remember it doesn’t stick around for the long haul.

When you stop paying, your content will not be found again.

On the contrary, organic traffic means the content you post on your website or blog today will drive traffic for the long term. This is the reason, investing time and efforts in organic traffic is worth the investment. You will not get that type of long-term ROI from paid traffic, trust me.

When it comes to getting more website traffic organically, there are so many good and effective ways that online marketers can opt for. There are some quick, downright ways as well that you should avoid at any case. Here in this blog, I’ve discussed a few methods in detail that can significantly increase your website traffic – organically.  

Create Engaging, Quality Content

Your website is a true representation of your business. In fact, it’s the first impression a potential customer may have for your business. Nothing works for your business website than a well-written, original, quality piece of content for your readers.

Write SEO friendly content that is based on a string of keywords that your prospective customers are searching for. But creating SEO optimized content is not as easy as it sounds, because it includes keyword research, and placing your important keywords in your content and most of all it’s promotion.

Believe it or not, keyword research is the most important process for creating SEO optimized content as it can help you find the most search queries your audience are using on Google.

Whenever you write an article or website content, you should always determine the most popular keywords. Don’t rely on short keywords, long tail key phrases can also serve best for your search engine rankings and help users find your brand on Google.

One of the easiest ways to find relevant keywords is by using keyword tools such as Google Keyword tool and SE Ranking keyword suggestion tool that can help you find both short and long tail keywords with search volume and details statistics. You can enhance the quality of your content by checking spelling and any other mistakes with Grammarly.

Remember, search engines are as smart as people, so, don’t try to use a lot of keywords in content that seems spammy and unnatural. Great quality, informative content ranks better, which in turns drives more traffic and more leads. It’s basically the type of content people will want to read and share with others.

Post Your Content Consistently

Content is king – I’m sure you have heard that thousands of times. But today, good and quality content is not enough, it should be far better than the content of your competitors. You don’t need to create a number of useless articles for the sake of publishing something new. Quality, unique and interesting topics will naturally catch new backlinks, more likes, shares and increase user engagement.

Your blog posts should be related to your industry and targeted keywords, of course. Keep these important points in mind while creating great quality content:

  • Be Unique: Original and quality always win. Try to come up with some new and trendy ideas that your audience would love to read and share.
  • Be Specific: Make your blog posts easy for users to understand by providing recent statistics, images, graphs and case studies. Write what your readers want to read.
  • Solve Users’ Problems: Focus on your industry and create posts that solves user’s problems. Be an expert at something as users and search engines both love this mastery. Try to provide accurate and exact solutions to users’ queries in a more sensible manner.
  • Post Some Inspirational Ideas: Always keep your website updated with fresh content that can attract your prospects. Browse different websites such as TechCrunch, Mashable, Business Insider and other top-notch blogs for some amazing ideas. Make sure you analyze your blog title and check its score on CoSchedule Headline Analyzer.

Search engines and users both love fresh and frequently updated websites. If your website content is consistently updated with fresh, unique content, it tells your seriousness and commitment, which makes it worth it for your users to invest their time into reading and increasing their knowledge.

Posting regular, fresh posts keep people coming back which ultimately keep them sharing and liking your content. This strategy helps boost your organic traffic, believe me, it will.

Focus on Quality Inbound Links

Google always loves websites that have quality inbound links. Therefore, try to get quality links of your website because, the more quality incoming links your website gets, the higher search engine rankings your website will have.

It is highly advised to avoid buying backlinks just for the sake of ranking higher on search engine page results. It can lead to Google penalties while creating a negative effect on your website search position. On the other hand, getting quality, natural links can gain more organic traffic to your website.

You can get quality inbound links to your website by using these effective tricks:

  • Guest Blogging: Pitch relevant websites in your targeted niche and offer quality content to them. You can add a few links to your website or products just to create awareness of your brand. But make sure your content doesn’t seem promotional.
  • Create a Strong Online Presence: Use the power of social media to increase your brand’s visibility. Get more fans by sharing interesting, informative content and interact with your followers consistently.
  • Influencer Marketing: Get the most out of influencer marketing to get more user engagement and traffic to your website. Determine the top influencers in your niche and find out what they are passionate about. Then, create quality, engaging content, infographics, case studies, interviews and podcasts according to their interests and approach top influencers in your niche with these materials.
  • Participate on Different Forums: Create a list of famous forums and blogs relevant to your industry, and try to regularly participate in discussions. Write useful and interesting discussion with a link to your website to let people inform about your website.

Stay Active on Communities

It is important for online marketers to actively participate in different communities as it is indeed a great way to build brand credibility, increase your brand reach and engage with other leaders to get quality traffic. Share you latest blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, just to let users know about your valuable piece and what your brand has in store for them. This will also increase your online presence along with getting targeted traffic to your website.

You can use Quora and Reddit to share useful articles, blog posts, and discussions. They are undoubtedly a great place to post ideas, your product information and interesting content for sharing. Avoid posting too much about your brand, as these forums hate self-promotion and don’t think for a second to ban your profile.

There are some other online communities that you can use to share interesting information. Inbound, GrowthHackers and Triberr are great channels to promote your brand via content. Keep in mind, the content of these communities and forums are well-filtered, there is no space for spammy and worthless content. So, it is advised to promote your brand by posting good quality content.

Don’t Overlook Your Website Loading Speed

We all know that high quality web design is important for website’s success. This is the reason, Dubai Monsters, SaaS startups, branding agencies and different other professional web design agencies are striving to offer quality, responsive web design to meet users’ needs and provide them a seamless user experience. But besides creating a great web design, you need to speed up your website. Especially, if you want to get higher rankings in search engines, reducing bounce rates and get more conversions and sales.

Users always want faster results. A 1 second delay in page loading can result in 7% loss in sales. Therefore, find a professional web development agency to speed up your website loading time. You can do these things to provide a fast page response:

  • Use Google’s Pagespeed tool to check your website loading speed and learn how to fix speed issues.
  • Compress hero images, banners by using the right formats such as JPEG, PNG and GIF.
  • Optimize images prior to uploading on your website. You can crop images to correct the size by using Fireworks, Snagit and Photoshop.
  • Minimize the size of JavaScript and CSS file. Use online JS and CSS compressor to reduce your JS, CSS and HTML.
  • You can use browser caching as it will store your page in a cache, loading your page faster for visitors.
  • Always opt for a reliable hosting service as in most of the cases your web host is solely responsible to decrease your web page’s speed.
  • It is advised to reduce the number of plugins and extensions. As too many extensions and plugins can delay your loading time and cause some technical and security issues.
  • Try to minimize redirects because redirects use additional HTTP requests which will ultimately decrease your loading time.

Summing Up

Remember, hard work always produces great results. And in the case of your website it’s no different.  If you want to get organic traffic, you need to give your best efforts. Do what your competitors didn’t try yet, stay consistent, post fresh content strategically and respect Google algorithms. Follow these strategies and you will be surprised how much traffic you can produce.

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