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Happy Birthday Vine! What’s In Store For Your Second Year?

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Vine celebrated it’s first birthday the other week. Since it’s inception one year ago, the mobile and tablet app has completely changed the face of short-form video, and the particularly savyy marketers have been quick to adapt this technology into content marketing strategies.

To celebrate this momentous milestone, the Twitter-owned platform has just launched a new page, called a

So with an impossibly impressive first year tucked neatly under it’s belt, what does the future hold for Vine? Here are 6 predictions for 2014:

#1. Vine will Prove Invaluable for Real-Time Marketing

With global events including the Winter Olympics & 2014 World Cup creeping up on us, it’s probably time you get thinking about what your marketing strategy is going to be (that is, if you haven’t already)! Countless studies have shown that the brands that have the most success with these events are those that tease the audience in the run-up which is were Vine becomes the most perfect video vehicle. But don’t stop there! It’s also about being responsive when the action’s happening. Join in with what’s happening at the time and by pre-empting scenarios, brands can be sure they’re quick of the mark in the storytelling battle.

#2. Music will Play a Bigger Role in 2014

Surprisingly, music has not really been overly discussed within Vine. For 2014, however, it’s predicted that the focus on music execution will certainly be one area for brands and content creators alike to master. Juggling stop-motion and audio, it’s not easy, but the tools will no doubt be considered in future iterations of the app.

#3. Vine will Continue to Gain Importance in Video Marketing Budgets & Strategies

Vine is still an infant in the world of marketing, and it’s popularity is showing no signs of weakening. It’s rapidly becoming a key component to reach audiences in their native environments on platforms where they’re watching and sharing video. We predict that this video will eat even more into budgets, with paid distribution to amplify their best Vine content beyond Vine’s initial app and audience.

#4. Vine Views will Become an Important Metric

It’s likely that more and more granular metrics will be added to the platform in 2014. At the moment, the app focuses purely on ‘shares’ – which is a measure that is essential when assessing the virality of content. We predict that views will be added as a benchmark for success in 2014, which in turn will cause brands to invest more time and money into the app.

#5. Vine will Become Even More Visual

Vine’s stop-motion format means it sits nicely between video & pictures. As attention spans shrink, the requirement for highly engaging, short bursts of content dramatically increases. Enter Vine, both engaging, short in length and truly mobile – the perfect combination for marketers everywhere.

#6. Vine will Look for Other Avenues to Produce it’s Content

A pretty straightforward one. If Vine continues to grow & every update comes and goes, the uploading question is always thrown up, so it is not too far-fetched to believe that Vine will look for new outlets to expand in to.

Vine has blossomed in these 12 months, modifying and upgrading to meet the ever-growing demand of it’s endless subscribers. It’s fought off infringements of use (which resulted in a temporary exile from the app store) and some serious competition from Instagram Video. It’s even had it’s first full length movie, a tie-in with the Tribeca Film Festival and 40 million subscribers by August 2013. It still remains the foremost platform for short-form video, and looks to remain so in 2014.

Viva la Vine!

Images: ”HILVERSUM, NETHERLANDS – FEBRUARY 06, 2014: Vine is a mobile app owned by Twitter that enables its users to create and post short looping video clips. Video clips have a maximum clip length of six sec


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