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Growth Hacking: How Can It Help Me? 4 Practical Tips

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Growth Hacking   A lot of hype or something useful?  Growth hacking can be a term that sounds like the latest marketing buzz word, or even a replacement for marketing itself. It can be argued that ask three people what it means, and they will give you two different definitions each. However the most useful way to view growth hacking is to see it as a tool bag, full of many different options. Reach in, see what works best for you, try it out, if it works, run with it. If not, try and evaluate why it didn’t work, and consider if you should try again, or try something else.

Attend the Dublin Growth Hackers Group – networking encouraged

Now up and running is  the Dublin Growth Hackers group. The last event took place on April 24th, with

#1. Make it visual

Images receive much greater engagement. We’re busy people, we have a lot of information thrown at us, make it easier on the eye, and we will engage more.

#2. Use the data available to you

It is possible to put analytics on almost everything that we do when we are on line. Errors made, deletions, bounce rates, it’s possible to monitor all of this. This data can then provide very rich information regarding trends and behaviour patterns. If you can monitor this from the very beginning you are in a powerful position to see what is working, and push it, tweak it, or pivot and radically change direction.

#3. If it works,  be ready to scale it and repeat it

Be prepared to deal with massive success. Starting out, in a simplistic way, there are 3 possibilities, it will fail, it will grow slowly, or it will go through the roof. We know how to deal with the first two options, we need to prepare for the third one. Marcus Segal humorously, but lucratively demonstrated the repetition of successful ideas across numerous Zynga games. It may seem a little dull to the entrepreneurial spirits, but sometimes success comes from enabling as many people as possible to do the same thing you have already achieved. But if you can be the one who owns the franchise that everyone else wants to licence.

#4. Give people what they want, not what you think they should want

Things come in and out of fashion very quickly. Some great business ideas may be short lived ones. If so, like seasonal sales of icecream, make this part of your hacking strategy. Look for what people are interested in, this is the greatest opportunity, make it easy to them, where they are.

If you want to read more about growth hacking read Neil Patel’s excellent online growth hacking guide, also available as a pdf.  For more details of the next Dublin Growth Hackers event on June 5th see Hacking Growth Dublin

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