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6 Reasons Your Startup Needs Graphic Design Help

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Does your business need graphic design help? If you can relate to any of the signs below, it’s time to start looking for graphic design services that can help you take your business to the next level.

1. You Have Ongoing Graphic Design Needs

Let’s face it, and if your company has any form of digital presence, you most likely have ongoing graphic design needs.

Are you using Twitter? You need eye-catching visuals to cut through the noise.

Instagram? You need to focus even more on engaging designs & photos.

Are you running Facebook Ads? You want ad designs that engage & convert.

And then, of course, you continuously need graphics for your new pages on your website. Maybe you’re going for illustrations here or 3d art & animations there.

Every digital business needs ongoing graphic design help.

2. Your Startup Has a Blog

Tired of those boring stock images? You’re not alone.

Bland imagery doesn’t cut it anymore these days. You need to stand out from the crowd. You need headers, posts for socials & call-to-actions that cut through the noise.

Then, once you have researched, drafted & written the blog content, you need to promote it on social media to get the traction your hard work deserves. Again, you need social media images for that.

Designing those in itself can be a full-time job for every designer. Even if you produce one blog post per week, you probably need at least 24 – 30 assets per month. That’s up to 360 visuals in total – just for your blog.

Crazy, I know…

3. You Suck at Designing Yourself (Or Don’t Have The Energy)

As a startup founder, it sounds tempting to do everything yourself.

But then, what?

You end up spending endless hours & days doing everything yourself. You’ll quickly find yourself in a rabbit hole of learning graphic design and design tools, and your original goal of starting and growing your business seems miles away.

Getting graphic design help can help you focus on your attention where you need it the most – sales & growth.

4. You Want to Stand Out From Your Competition

Off-the-shelf design software sounds excellent. The downside, most visuals also look off-the-shelf, too.

What about Freelancers from marketplaces like Fiverr & Co.?

Many of them use templates and replace the text with yours. A 5-minute job. Literally!

Having a template logo or look and feel bought for cheap on design sites is seriously not going to help you stand out from the crowd.

What you need are unique and bespoke designs that suit your brand, your brand personality & your audience. This is the only way how you can set yourself apart from your competitors.

5. Managing an In-House Design Team Takes Away Your Focus

Running a successful design team is not easy.

You need to make sure your teams’ values and career goals align with those of your organization.

If you want to keep your designers happy, you need to run 1:1 interviews regularly. You need to help with self-improvement and provide new learning opportunities continually.

Managing your team, managing the motivation & managing the task takes away a lot of your attention from your core business.

You should be focusing on shipping products & services, gaining users, satisfying customers, and making sales.

6. You’re Terrible at Hiring From Upwork & Co.

The process of hiring from Upwork & Co. is broken.

You spend so much time finding the right candidate for the job you need to get done. Then, once you have shortlisted a few, you need to arrange interviews with each of them.

Once you’ve interviewed a few, you need to brief them about your design. Finally, you’re often paying by the hour, so if you need any revisions, it will eat away from your budget. Even if you decide to pay by project, you’re never guaranteed that the result will ever suite your needs. You’ve wasted money and need to repeat the whole thing.


A reliable graphic design services company can help you produce quality designs for your startup quickly and cost-effectively. Many of the companies available to you provide unlimited graphic design help at a flat monthly fee, so you never have to worry about paying per task or paying per hour.

When selecting a company to outsource your design work to ensure the designs are handled by hand-selected designers who are professional and also great at communicating with you.


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