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21 Tips for Great Ad Copy on Google Ads Search

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Have you ever struggled with Ad Copy for Goole Ads? We know how it feels. You have to include all the necessary information into short text ads and make sure they would convert. Due to the limited number of symbols available, it is rather difficult to describe all the advantages of the advertised product/service and convince the user that he should click on your ad. These 21 tips will change your way of writing Google Ads copies and improve your results.

If you are new to Google Ads copywriting, we suggest getting familiar with Google Ads policies to make sure your ad will not violate their requirements and then follow our advice.



Tip #1. Scrutinize your competitors

You should analyze what your brand offer and what your competitors are offering. It will allow you to see what are your USPs and how you can attract potential customer’s attention. Moreover, you will see where you have gaps in your offer in comparison to your competitors, analyze if it is a threat of losing your customers and pre-emptively respond to it.

Tip #2. Focus on the benefits – tell your Unique Selling Proposition

Tell your potential customers what’s so special about your services and more importantly how you can help them. Let people know what they will get in the end with your product/service, how it will change their lives. Say in your ad about your discounts, free delivery option, free presents and free samples.

Tip #3. Personalize to attract your Target Audience

Before campaign start, it always great to do audience segmentation in order to understand if there are any subgroups, if yes – how different their motivation to use your product is and how you can address it accordingly to their specifics. The more personalized your ad copy will be the better response you will get.

Tip #4. Add social acknowledgment and build trust

People tend to be friendlier towards brands that are verified by other people. You can easily add more trust to your relations by telling in your ads about how many people use your services or share any public acknowledgment if you got any.



Tip #5. Use emotional triggers in your ad copy

It is not a secret that people are easily influenced by emotional triggers in advertising. Once you appeal to their emotional center, the logical part of decision making turns off. This method has been successfully used by marketers for quite a long time and here are the top four emotions that will convince people to click and convert: Anger, Disgust, Affirmation, Fear

Tip #6. Appeal to customer’s sense of entitlement or to FOMO

According to the theory of self-interest people care about themselves and their ego, so you can exploit this and provoke an emotional reaction.  Simply by telling people that there is a right to have something you can convince modern generations at least to try something. Or else you can address their fear-of-missing-out with your specific offers with deadlines. Due to a nowadays fast way of living people tend to have FOMO as it is basically impossible to keep up with everything that’s going on. If you tell in your ad that your offer is limited that will definitely hurry your potential customers up.

Tip #7. Tell stories

What is a great benefit of storytelling? Higher engagement with the text. Don’t hesitate to implement this technic even onto such small ad copies. Make people interested in your texts, engage them with the first ad line and tell the rest in the description.

Tip #8. Reduce risk and fear

It is normal that people hesitate to make decisions they could potentially regret about in the future. This is especially true for products/services at a high price. Eliminate the hesitation barrier by giving your customers a 100% guarantee, free trial or 100% money return if they are unsatisfied with your product.

Tip #9.  Ask questions

Do you know the power of the question? Whenever you read any, you tend to answer it subconsciously. It works the same with your potential clients. If his answer will be similar to what you are offering it will definitely increase your CTR.



Tip #10. Pay attention to your headlines

Try to include keywords from your campaign lists in your headlines to make your ad more relevant. People have a tendency to click on links that they sure will have what they are looking for. Keywords in the headline will assure them that there they find whatever they need.

Tip #11. Reflect the visitor’s goal

If you try to formulate what your potential customer wants and how his query will look like you will be able to reformulate it into a powerful headline that will meet their expectations. Mirror their objectives in your Ad to become super relevant.

Tip #12. Get super specific with numbers and statistics

Most of your potential customers know how much they want to pay for products/services, so let them know straight ahead. By sharing numbers and statistics about your brand you make your ad look more credible. Additionally, try to avoid round numbers – write 52 instead of 50 or 12 instead of 10.

Tip #13. Create Keyword-Rich Display URLs

You can make your URLs be more relevant to your Ad copies if you add keywords inside them. The more specific you are in your ad copy to what your customers are looking for – the better.

Tip #14. Match your ad copy to your landing page

Landing pages are highly important when it comes to the quality of your traffic. They must be easy to navigate and most importantly have the necessary information from your Ad. When people click on your Ad to learn more about a particular offer and it’s impossible or takes long to find this information on your website, they will abandon it with a high probability after the first 20 seconds

Tip #15. Avoid Choice Fatigue

People are less sure in their choices when they have a lot to choose from. It is proven, that too many offers/ad copies could reduce sales. Try not to overwhelm your customers with too many of them.



Tip #16. End the First Description Line with punctuation

By ending your description line with punctuation (full stop, question mark – whatever suits you) your ad could receive an elongated headline if your ad placed in the top three spots.

Tip #17. Write all your words with the capital letter

Writing Ad copies in all capital letter is forbidden, however, you can use title case, therefore make your ad more visible and increase your CTR.

Tip #18. Use symbols ® , % , $, é, «»

If you want your ad to be eye-catchy – use all these symbols and write numbers instead of letters. However, be careful to use it only when it is appropriate.

Tip #19. Do not forget to use Call to Actions

You need to guide your potential customers, so give them some advice on their next steps: Order Today! Learn More! Get Your 30% Off Today!

Tip #20. Use Ad extensions

Don’t hesitate to tell more about yourself, it’s not only additional info to your customers, but it makes your ad bigger and more visible. Add your phone number in case visitor wants to call you, address to check how close you located, the store hours for convenience, reviews for credibility.

Tip #21. Use power words

In PPC advertising words that are most effective in convincing potential customers to click are called “power words.” Here are some of them: be, compare, easy, find, free, guarantee,  learn, new, now, safe, timely, unique.

It is already acknowledged that correctly written headlines and ads descriptions affect the performance of an advertising campaign. Properly formulated copies will help save advertising budget by increasing CTR, reducing CPC and, as a result, improving the primary key performance indicators.

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