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Get Your Blogging Efforts Off Life Support

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For some business owners, blogging about their brand is about the 20th or lower thing of importance on their to-do list. From keeping customers happy to making sure they hire and retain the best employees possible, things like staying on top of a business blog can easily fall by the wayside.

Stop for a moment and think, however, just how beneficial a strong company blog can be for a business owner. Not only can marketing your company’s blog bring more traffic to your website, but it can showcase your expertise in your given field.

The question then begs, why would you not want to regularly blog?

Doing It Right the First Time

While there are countless business blogs worldwide, how many of them at the end of the day provide both quality and relevancy to the many viewers out there? Even though the answer to that question can be hard to ascertain, it is likely that a sizeable number of them are not being all they can be.

In the event you have a business blog that is not getting traction or is quite frankly languishing in blog heaven, there are steps you can take now to change that. Among them:

#1. Reviews

Whether you do it yourself or have someone on your team (marketing etc.) review it, make sure your blog is checked regularly for any inconsistencies and errors. You want to look at your content and determine if it is always relevant. Are you including the proper images with each post? As studies have shown, viewers react more positively to blog posts when there are things like imagery and even charts to go along with the copy. Also look for typos. Face it, everyone has a typo or two slip into their posts from time to time, but correcting them before the whole world sees them is the key.

Lastly, are your links appropriate and working? Given how Google can be quick to punish sites with irrelevant content and too many links that come across as spam, review who you are linking to.

#2. Connections

It has become more and more commonplace for blog publishers to team up with others in exchanging content. For example, if you oversee a company website that is geared towards personal finance, having outside financial expert’s guest blog for you on saving money, retirement needs, the stock market etc. makes sense. By allowing guests to blog on your site, it potentially opens the doors for you to do the same in exchange, thereby opening your company up to more potential business.

Plugging the proper keywords into blog posts is also encouraged, but don’t fall victim to spam, something that ultimately can hurt your Google page rank.

#3. Socialize

Last but not least, are you active on social media? If the answer is not really or simply no, you are missing out on free opportunities to promote your blog. While you don’t have the time in many cases to be active on countless social sites, you should have a business presence on the top ones like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Promote your blog posts on there and do the same for others that are relevant to your industry.

Over time, you will find that your followers will grow, increasing your chances of gaining more business. In what is basically having your back scratched while scratching another’s, you should take advantage of all applicable cross promotions with other business bloggers.

While there are other keys to a successful business blog approach, these three are some of the key ones in order to successfully blog about your brand.

As a business owner who uses blogging in his or her marketing efforts, what have you found to be successful? Just as importantly, what other pieces of advice would you have for business owners who are trying to get their blogs off life support?

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