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Five Fool-proof Ways On How To Write Good Product Reviews

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One good source of revenue for your affiliate marketing blog is to write product reviews. It pays more since advertisers are assured that you have a steady direct traffic on your blog and that you have been branded “reliable” by your audience.

The real challenge in writing product reviews is not based on building but on maintaining your credibility. In order to accomplish that, you have to comply with standards in writing substantial product reviews. This article will provide you some tips to help you write an honest and unbiased product review.

Know your audience

Just like writing any blog topic, assess if the product review you will be writing is relevant to your target audience.

For a product review, it usually starts with identifying the unifying problem of your target audience. And then, to build how your review would go, you would need to assess how that certain product can help resolve the problem you have identified. Also, evaluate the market value of this product and its worthiness for your audience.

Try the product

If you cannot convince yourself in the efficiency of the product you will be endorsing, chances are, you won’t convince your readers as well.

It is important that you know what you are actually reviewing, in order to obtain a smooth stream of thoughts that your audience can relate to easily. Once you have tried it, cite three to five benefits of the product you have personally experienced. Make sure that you are citing its benefits and not its features.

If you cannot afford to purchase and try your products for review, then ask your product supplier to provide you reliable affiliate sites which can give you relevant reviews. Or better yet, survey some feedback from people who actually used them.

Be transparent

There is no perfect product, which only entails that transparency is citing the positives and the negatives on a subject. By highlighting what it can do but not omitting what it cannot do, you can provide an unbiased account for the product.

Be the Pursued, not the Pursuer

Writing a review is just like building a relationship—being too pushy defeats the challenge, and as such, the interest of your customers diminishes. It does not mean that you’d have to let your customers chase you all the time. It only means that you have to make the review sound conversational, in order to promote an exchange of opinions and avoid sounding invasive or pushy.

Disclose the purpose of the review

If you value integrity, it would not be an issue for your review to disclose your relationship with your affiliate. This also affirms how transparent you are to your audience.

Here are a couple of tips:

  1. you can try ending your review by mentioning that you were personally asked to try the product for free and you did not regret that decision; or
  2. you can divulge that you were paid with a commission and it is just minimal compared to the multiple benefits of using the product.

The idea here is to be honest.

Can you think of any other tips in writing good product reviews? Have you already posted one? How did it go? Feel free to share it through your comments below.

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