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Five Email Marketing Metrics You Should Be Tracking On A Regular Basis!

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Email Marketing is necessary for all businesses, especially for those that are striving to attain maximum online exposure. This should be a part of your marketing agenda, as this will help you to multiply your sales and increase your revenues. Moreover, it adds two cents to a company is branding process.

If you are a player who has been into email marketing for quite some time, continuously working on

#1. Click through Rate

It is very important for a marketer to keep track of his click through rate, not only in a single email campaign but also on multiple levels to analyze if the clicks on your email are gradually going down, progressing on a positive note or are consistent.

Tracking click through rate is very essential; as this will help, you align useful tactics with your future email marketing campaigns. If you observe a click through rate that is slowly going down, you probably need to try A/B testing of your email templates. If you use GetResponse as your preferred email marketing software, they have an A/B testing option available for this purpose. Simply use this feature to compare the stats and see what works best for you.

Keep in mind that here, by CTR, we do not mean ‘open rate’ but the click you get within the email. In case of multiple click locations, which link would get better click?

#2. Conversions

Here, we are strictly talking about marketing and promotional emails that businesses send to their subscribers, mainly to increase their profits. Conversions should be the most fundamental metrics that you should be keeping track of, because without it, all your efforts can go to waste.

‘Click on links’ within the email is one thing. However, you also need to track of what people are doing after the click. Are they converting into leads and business? They may just be visiting your page and moving away! This metrics will help you to comprehend any problem you may have with your landing page from where you want to convert your visitors from.

If you wish to optimize your landing page for conversions, this is a handy resource that you must checkout.

#3. List Growth

Growth is important at all times. Not only in business, but in almost everything we do in our lives. When it comes to email marketing, most marketers tend this one area to neglect. However, in my opinion, growth is one of the most crucial metrics to analyze in your email marketing campaign, repeatedly.

If you are sending marketing emails on a frequent basis, it should ideally help you to acquire new subscribers. However, in case you see, you observe that your subscribers’ figure is either stagnant or slipping down; you should revamp your email marketing strategy and employ key tactics to optimize your emails.

Another thing you can do is to reflect on multiple ideas that you can employ on your website to amplify your subscribers’ rate that will increase your overall list. ZensPill offer a resource that can help you with list growth issues.

#4. Delivery Rate

I do not particularly deem it as an important metric, but if you have a huge list then it can prove be very helpful.  Otherwise, you will keep on swinging with expectations vs. reality pendulum.

Delivery Rate actually means that the email you sent to your list actually was received by the list entries or has successfully landed in their inbox instead of bouncing back to you. There can be quite a few reasons for an email to bounce back including invalid email address or a full inbox etc.

Ideally, it is best to have a 95% or above delivery rate. It is vital to check the status of your emails on a frequent basis to see if any emails are bouncing back. This would offer you with valuable insight to maintain a functional list.

The Email Cleanup for increasing your delivery rate and the list growth to include new subscribers in the list, both should go hand in hand at all times.

#5. The Overall ROI

I am not sure if I should mention it in this post or not. However, in order to view the contribution of your email marketing efforts to your overall revenue, it is important to track this metric as well. This will also help you to optimize your email marketing efforts on a constant basis concerning revenue generation.

Obviously, overall ROI also incorporates revenue generated from other marketing efforts including SEO, PPC, Offline Marketing, other inbound channels and more. With closed-loop analytics, you will be able to dive completely into your email marketing efforts and analyze the number of visitors, leads and customers you redirect to your website from your email marketing campaigns.

There can be tons of other metrics that you can evaluate but the above-mentioned are the most basic and most essential for vigilant monitoring of your email marketing campaigns.

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