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Five Basic Link Building Tips For Affiliate Marketing

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You do not achieve power by mere acquaintance. You achieve it by building strong connections. The same goes for link building—it is not just an exchange of information but an exchange of value. And to guide you to a more efficient link building strategy, here are five basic tips for link building.

# 1. Prioritize quality over quantity

“Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” This proverb is true in the world of affiliate marketing. Although numerous links can increase your existence in the online scene, the competition does not solely rely on quantity. Reputable and credible content draws more potential affiliates and a loyal audience.

Furthermore, Google crawlers are now smart enough to determine whether the link built is a product of an arrangement or it is something worthwhile by evaluating the content. So to avoid being tagged with a bad name, you need to choose appropriate and reliable links.

2. Create a sitemap

The purpose of your sitemap is to guide search engine crawlers through the pages on your website more efficiently. It also encourages a good reputation for your initiative to show complete transparency. Sitemaps can also help you test each link, whether it is broken and needs repair immediately.

# 3. Take note of link relevance

Relevance is not an existing principle for most link farms. Hence, do not participate in these link farms. If your site talks about fashion and lifestyle, then look for reputable sites in that same niche. This way, you can also rest assured that you are targeting the right kind of audience.

If you needed to link to your inner pages, make sure that this link is relevant to previous content. Most SEOs make the mistake of linking their home pages. Yes, it is important for your home page to get attention, but this is not what your audience needs at the moment.

# 4. Be more sociable

Building a network is the goal of social media sites, and the same goes for affiliate marketing. Now, you can use that advantage to increase your PR. Furthermore, search engines can recognize more your potential through frequent social sharing.

However, do not confuse social media with spamming. The difference between the two is that the former “cares,” while the latter is just random. If you have quality content, there’s no reason to worry why you won’t be shared.

# 5. Repair broken links

You, as an SEO or website developer or blogger, are a visitor as well. Now, how would you feel if the links on the website you are visiting lead to nowhere?

Errors are inevitable in building links, which means you have to proofread your site links immediately before you receive any negative feedback which can affect your ranking.

Link building is one of the most strategic tools to optimize your website. With proper usage, you can use learn how to effectively wield this strategy for a successful affiliate marketing venture.

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