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Finding the Sweet Spot for Perfect Content Creation

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Itsy bitsy spider came crawling down the wall, to bite a young man! And that young man turns to become a superhero. Wow, I wish I had some of those powers.

If we look at Spiderman from a marketing perspective, he can be considered as a business with enormous wealth at its disposal as he possesses superhuman strength and can climb walls too.

Now Spidey could have chosen to become a robber or dacoit and using those superpowers the cops would have a hard time chasing him. But, he chose his audience; he wanted to protect the citizens of New York. He found the sweet spot which was to use his powers to serve the people rather than spending his time enjoying his super powers.

Thanks to Uncle Ben, who helped him discover his sweet spot. Looking to unravel the true superpowers of your business, it’s time to identify that sweet spot.

The Superpowers you possess

I liked Gary Vaynerchuk’s statement of finding out about the one thing we can do better than anyone else and then become its extreme vision.

As a business, cutting through the clutter is anything but simple. Content created at the general audience is not at all helpful, and it would be even better not to create any content. As you look to build an audience with content, start out by listing down the strengths, you possess.

Let’s take the example of our very own superhero, Spiderman.


  • Enhanced strength and flexibility
  • Superhuman reflexes
  • Spider sense and perceptions
  • Crawling buildings
  • Shooting webs from wrists

As you perform the following exercise, analyze the skills and expertise. Are you selling cupcakes, clothing and accessories or insurance? Everyone one of the business has a sweet spot.

Saving the people

So, you know have full knowledge about the powers you possess. Great, time to save the world.
Identify which of your customer group is in trouble. For this, you need to identify the personas, which is an outline of your target customer. If you are in the business-to-consumer industry, you may have three to four decision makers. Again, you need to choose who you are trying to save.
As you can’t produce generic content unlike most marketers, be specific and relevant enough to get attention.
Time for another exercise. List down the pain points of your audience. Now is the perfect time to social listening and talk with your customer service people.
Here are the pain points listed for the people of New York.

  • Fear of crime
  • Financial insecurity
  • Fear of natural calamities

Now a superhero, you can help solve the problem of crime and provide relief during a natural calamity. Similarly, brainstorm and list down the pain points you can solve for the audience.

Think about your buying experience. When you go to the market to purchase a product, every company tries to lure you with a variety of different offers, yet to walk to buy the one which aligns with your needs. You may also purchase the same product again. Solving a problem quickly and with the precise information creates a loyal following of customers.

Identifying the pain points will help you:-

  • Address the audience’s need
  • Answer all the audience queries
  • Connect and engage with them
  • The opportunity to turn them into evangelists

Creating the framework

‘Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.’ – Colin Powell

Match the areas where you can help your audience with your superpowers. After listing down the strengths and audience pain points, you’ll come across areas you need to focus and the ones which were of no importance. For creating the perfect framework, solving a customer pain point with your superpower is the true realization of your sweet spot.

If Spiderman used his superpowers to deliver pizza, it might not have been the perfect use of his powers to help a citizen out.
Aligning your knowledge and strengths to the customer’s pain point will take you the distance.

Finding the sweet spot is where the magic happens, as the best things happen when the content you create actively engages the audience and gets shared quickly. You not only want to create awesome content but also want it to achieve business goals. It is incredibly important to identify the sweet spot if you are committed to creating awesome content pieces.

Getting distracted

You might be looking to include all of the audience, rather than ensuring that identifying the right set of customers will make targeting easier for you.

When you stray away from the sweet spot, extra time and resources are required to create content which might be aimed at everyone. The result, loss of money and failure in achieving the business goals. If you are catering services to anyone who doesn’t feel to be the right fit, the work agreement might not continue for long. Making it harder for you to chase clients and close deals.

Achieving long-term success

As Uncle Ben puts it ‘With great power, comes great responsibility.’

Whether you are just starting out or continuing with a marketing strategy, keeping a check on your superpowers and audience pain points is worth the effort.

With 80% of business coming from 20% of your customers, producing engaging content to capture the customers is essential.

The top three things which make content effective include Audience relevance, compelling storytelling and a response or action.

Create meaningful content rather than just simply creating ordinary content to make an impact on your customers. Keep everyone in your team on the same page by creating an editorial calendar. As you grow, it is essential to stay on track by consistently working on finding out what are the customer requirements. Build out the base, refer the framework to deliver consistent content over a period of time and stick to it. Even Spiderman had a few misses and was also considered a villain at first. But with consistent good deeds over a period of time, made him the local superhero. So, whatever you do make sure to keep going on with it.

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