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Facebook Marketing Plan: 10 Tips to Drive Traffic

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Facebook is considered to be the most popular and biggest social media site in the world, with over 1.7 billion monthly active users; and since its advent, the online marketing landscape has changed expansively. Nowadays, online marketers spend their time and money to drive relevant traffic to their website with an ultimate goal of driving more conversions. If you want to increase the conversion rate of your website, it’s significant to engage in Facebook marketing to utilize its extensive traffic generation. A social media traffic report from Shareaholic shows that Facebook delivered more traffic than other social media sites in 2014.

Increasing web traffic and conversions are absolutely crucial to a business. They are considered to be the basis for increased business profitability. According to Widerfunnel Case Study for a travel website, “Conversion optimization increases lead generation and doubles revenue per visitor”. This case proves that driving web traffic and conversions can result to increase in revenue, so it’s not surprising that companies like Nike and Microsoft invest greatly in their Facebook Marketing.

Facebook Marketing can help you drive relevant traffic to your website, as well as helping your definitive goal of driving conversions, and boosting your return-on-investment. Here are 10 ways to drive traffic and conversions with Facebook Marketing.

#1. Create Shareable and Viral Content


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The effectiveness of Facebook marketing comes from its ability to utilize people’s fundamental desire, which is to share content with others. According to Neil Patel, Viral content should be cautiously strategized and executed with attention to detail. He also explained that the quality of the content will determine how far your content gets shared. You might be wondering why people share content on Facebook. An Bufferapp article “Why Do People Share What They Do” by Mridu Khullar Relph, explained that people share to Facebook because they want to entertain and inspire others, to nurture their relationships and get more involved.

StoryScience founder, Kohlben Vodden also explains on SearchEngineWatch the key motivators for sharing on Facebook, which includes feeding relationships, network value, causes or issue awareness, defining oneself and self-fulfilment. When you create shareable content, it reaches a large number of Facebook users, far and wide as they share such content. With this, there will be an increase in your web traffic, which might lead to an increase in conversions.

#2. Use Call-to-Action

A cacall-to-actionll-to-action is a button with text message or graphic put in place to motivate audience to complete the desired goal of the marketer. CTAs are very important in driving traffic and conversions; they provide your Facebook audience with an adventure. It tells them that you have much more to offer them.

According to Neil Patel’s article, 16 Hacks That’ll Get Your Call-to-Action Buttons Clicked, “Every action step that your customers will ever take on your web page is embedded inside the CTA button”. With CTA, wherever you lead your readers, they will follow. Using targeted call to action words like ‘get’, ‘yes’ can provoke a positive response from your visitors. This shows that your target audience will be step closer to becoming your loyal customers, when they click on a CTA. If you don’t provide a Call-to-action for your audience, they would not be able to reach you.

#3. Increase Conversion with Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to a website. According to Aberdeen’s latest research report via Vidyard, “marketers who are using video are seeing 49% faster growth in revenue”. A report from Techcrunch shows that 100 million hours of video per day are watched on Facebook. Therefore, creating a short promotional video with CTAs would actually drive traffic to your website and increase conversions. As compared to images or texts, videos are undeniably much more entertaining for Facebook audience. Create a product video that shows your passion and commitment to the audience, and it would definitely create an impact with the audience. Video are strongly convincing and it drives traffic and conversions from Facebook.

#4. Optimize Your Landing Page for Facebook

Facebook Landing Pages are mostly landing pages created for Facebook ads. When you promote your landing page on Facebook, it leads readers directly to your website. With CTA buttons, there will be an increase in conversion rates. Wishpond actually stated that landing pages with share buttons have increased engagement by 700%.

The best way to increase conversions and drive traffic with landing pages is to create landing pages optimized for Facebook. According to Hubspot, “Companies see a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages from 10 to 15 ” This shows that as many landing pages you share on your Facebook page, you will definitely reach more prospects.

#5. Join Facebook Groups with same niche as yours and share your posts

A Facebook group is a comjoin-facebook-groupsmunity where people connect and network with each other, they have discussion on various topics and trends. SocialBakers explained that Facebook groups operate, more or less, on a chat room principle, and they are people discuss in real time issues related to the purpose of the group.

An active Facebook group will turn your visitors into readers and your readers into customers. If you want to drive traffic to your website, SmartBlogger states that there is no better way to attain that than to share it with a community that look forward to your newest content.

Great examples of an active Facebook group are Screw the Nine to Five Community and WordPress Front End Developers.

#6. Mention Influencers in your posts/content

Mavrck defines Influencers as people who have the power to affect the purchase decisions of others because of their real/perceived authority, knowledge, position, or relationship. Mentioning an influencer or sharing an influencer’s content on your Facebook page is an easy way to get them to notice you. They might even share your content on their pages.

Influencers have the ability to engage people and have them talking about your product and services. Building relationships with Facebook influencer will have a strong impact on your business. With social monitoring tools and blogger outreach, you can find influencers who can advocate for your niche. A Technorati report shows that 86% of influencers operate at least one blog. When influencers share your website URL, it will reach thousands and millions of people in their network.

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#7. Ask a question and provide answers immediately

Questions have a conversational tone that tend to attract audience to engage with your Facebook post. When you ask a questions, you should have a solution article on your website, which you can link to. Asking questions on Facebook summarizes the gist of the blog article and makes fan want to learn more by clicking the link to the answers provided. This helps to drive traffic to your website and might lead to increased conversions.

#8. Provide Links to Your Website Using Custom Tabs

Use menu tabs on your Facebook page to link to different pages on your website. Facebook menus are located under your cover photos. The buttons are navigation menus, which direct fans and visitors to the link provided, this can lead to an increase in web traffic and might also increase conversions. You can use tools such as Woobox, Binkd, TabSite and ShortStack to create custom tabs for your Facebook page.

#9. Run a Facebook Contest


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A Facebook Contest is one of the best ways to engage fans, drive traffic and convert them by enticing them with a free gift. Running a Facebook contest allows you to give away prizes to your fans with free content. According to Wishpond, “One Facebook contest can give you the same return on investment as hundreds of pieces of content saving you time and effort.” You can use tools like Rafflecopter, WishPond, Woobox and AgoraPulse to create engaging Facebook contest and promotions. These tools can be used to create landing pages, which can be integrated on your website.

#10. Create Targeted Facebook Ads to Increase Website Traffic and Conversion

Due to its large number of users, Facebook is the best social media platform, where you can reach your target customers directly and extensively. A great way to drive traffic to your website is by creating a targeted Facebook ad campaign. With Facebook ad Campaign, you can drive your target audience to your landing page, where visitors can be converted into prospective customers, and leads can be generated. According to Sproutsocial, “Facebook Drives Almost 25% of All Social Referral Traffic”. However, the addition of CTA buttons would help your audience understand clearly the action you want them to take after viewing your Facebook ad campaign. This is especially important if you are launching a new product or brand, and are trying to target people specifically for product launch ads.


If you are looking to take your marketing to the next level, you should start implementing these tactics on Facebook to drive traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate. Similarly, you must take note that building a huge fan base on Facebook gives you an opportunity to build loyalty and drive web traffic and conversions. Don’t forget, you’ll be building Social Proof the entire time!

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