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Facebook Influencer Marketing: A Brief Guide

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When it comes to social media influencer marketing platforms, Facebook is undoubtedly a winner. About a 

Without further ado, let us dive in:

#1. Create the goal for Facebook Influencer Marketing 

Every marketing strategy has its goal, Facebook influencer marketing is no different. You need to write down what you want to achieve through running an influencer marketing campaign on Facebook.

Facebook had 1.94 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2017, meaning immense opportunities for customer acquisition through creating brand awareness and driving customer engagements on this ever-popular social media platform.

However, this is not the only objective for running a Facebook influencer marketing campaign.

A research on the State of Influencer Engagement cited the following reasons to run a Facebook influencer marketing campaign:

  • ●Content promotion
  • ●Content creation
  • ●Product launch
  • ●SEO
  • ●Crisis management
  • ●Organizing events

You need to settle on your main goal for Facebook influencer marketing. And once you have decided it, you need to define KPIs for this goal.

This is how a clothing company ThreadBeast took the help of streetwear influencers like Nightwing2303 unbox ThreadBeast packages.

Facebook influencer marketing

Can you see the view? Yes, my friend, it is 4M views. This is a highly successful campaign in terms of increasing brand awareness.

#2. Find the Right Facebook Influencers

It is a challenging task to find Facebook influencers due to the privacy policy and the content restrictions on Facebook.

I usually prefer to connect with Facebook pages rather than individual accounts. Why?

It is not always easy to contact a person on Facebook if that person has strict privacy settings, while Facebook pages are easy to connect with.

However, it does not mean you should not try to connect with people. You can search Facebook influencers by a keyword.

Suppose you sell fresh flowers. You should search for a keyword ‘fresh flowers delivery’

If you want to find community pages on Facebook, you should check it in the filter section. The first two results are ideal Facebook influencers for you.

Facebook influencer marketing

If you check Artist, Band or Public figure in the filter section for a keyword ‘flowers’, you will get following Facebook influencers.

Facebook influencers

As I said earlier, finding Facebook influencers could be a bit challenging task. You might need to try the variation of keywords to find perfect influencers for your business.

You can use also use paid tools, such as HYPR or Insightpool to find influencers in Facebook.

Whether you should go for Facebook pages or individual accounts for Facebook influencer marketing, there is no rule. It all depends on your niche.

I often get success through Facebook pages, but your success story can be different.

Your Facebook influencers should:

  • ●Have a large, relevant audience that can buy your products or services
  • ●Be authentic and active on Facebook
  • ●Have tone and style matching your brand

#3. Rope the Facebook Influencers in your Campaign

After finding influencers for your Facebook campaign, the next task is to reach out to them and convince to participate in your campaign.

Whether it is an influencer Facebook community page or an individual, you should directly approach your influencer.

However, you should know your influencers before reaching out to them.

How can you know your influencers? Is there a way?

The answer is simple. You should scan their Facebook posts, comments, and likes.

In other words, you should keep tabs on their activities on Facebook. After a few days, you will fairly know Facebook influencers you want to rope in your campaign.

Remember, your relationship with Facebook influencers must be mutually beneficial.

If you check the posts of Flowers in Heart community page, you will find that it shares lots of images of fresh flowers. It also has a collection of flower videos.

Flowers in heart community page

Flowers in heart

After knowing your Facebook influencers, you should approach them to participate in your campaign.

You must understand that not all the Facebook influencers are looking for cash rewards. There are many factors that outweigh cash rewards, such as growing their audiences, chances for them to live new experiences, opportunities for them to get discounts/free samples, etc.

It all depends on your niche and the value influencers will provide.

Roping in Facebook influencers will not be a difficult task if you know your influencers well.

#4. Measure the result of your Facebook Influencer Campaign

You have set goals for your Facebook influencer marketing campaign, you have found influencers, and you have persuaded them to take a part in your influencer marketing campaign. What’s more, you have started your Facebook influencer marketing campaign.

The next step is to measure the result of your Facebook influencer campaign. How will you do it?

You should refer to the KPIs you have defined in the first step. Are you able to see any progress on these metrics?

If you are using Facebook influencer marketing program to build brand awareness for your brand, check how many people are talking about your brands or interacting with your brand on Facebook. If you want to increase the sales through a Facebook influencer marketing campaign, check how much cheaper Facebook influencer marketing is as compared to other marketing channels in term of acquiring a customer.


Marketers are always in the search for ways to connect with their audience so that they can increase visibility for their brands. Facebook influencer marketing is a great way to influence purchasing behaviors of your potential customers. And the best thing about Facebook influencer marketing is that you don’t have to break the bank to adopt it. As compared to other marketing avenues, you will have to put aside a low budget for Facebook influencer marketing.

What about you?

Do you want to share any useful tip on Facebook influencer marketing? Leave it in the comment section. I would love to know about it.

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