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Embed Instagram Feed on Website – 10 Awesome Benefits

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Websites are like a platform where the user comes and gets to know about your services.

It is on the website owner now to engage the user, entertain him with his content, do not waste user’s dwell time, render him as much fresh content as possible to explore, and at last, to turn him into a consumer with sales tactics.

The most essential prerequisites to increase the sales of e-commerce business are effective digital marketing because you can perform all the above jobs through it. To embed Instagram feed into your eCommerce website especially is one of the niche digital marketing tactics with ample benefits which are described below-

Embed Instagram Feed and Get the Following Benefits:

  • Add shoppability
  • Increase Consumer base
  • Increase User engagement.
  • Real-time display to your website.
  • Visual appeal.
  • Builds your social media profile strong.
  • Creates Brand value
  • Increase Dwell-time.
  • Amply Interaction.
  • No expense on Content creation

1. Add Shoppability

Embedding Instagram feed takes your website into another level of commerce.

As it can add a shoppable factor to your website’s any page where you embed Instagram feed.

Hashtag feeds on Instagram consist of more content than any other feed be it of an extremely popular account or any location.

add shoppability

What else could be better than having user-generated content in the form of an Instagram hashtag aside your product gallery?

2. Increase Your Consumer Base

Youth enjoys social media the most and feels very competitive and curious at the same time for it.

Embed Instagram feed alongside your website will increase your consumer base by making them curious to be in your brand’s hashtag.

consumer base

That looks a bit impractical but makes sense because people today are crazy about social media. 

3. Increase User Engagement

User-engagement is one of the essential things that any brand would require for making a business reach higher in every vertical.

Embedded Instagram feeds can leverage your user engagement rate simply through fresh and diverse content it’ll be consisting of. 

The reason why user engagement will go high is somewhat that not every website has such a representation of genuine content having that product adjacent to their original gallery.


Also, if the product is shown with a satisfied customer, then it will leave a sense of satisfaction in the user, which ultimately results in a better user-engagement rate.

4. Real-Time Display to Your Website

A real-time display is a beneficial factor from two perspectives.

First, the website’s looks are something that sets an image of a brand at first insight. Not every website would have real-time content displayed on it, and that gives a website an extra-ordinary look.

Moreover, displaying real-time content on a website turns an ordinary browsing experience into superior.

Embed Instagram feed

Secondly, as far as the marketing perspective is concerned, having a real-time Instagram feed embedded on your website keeps your online customer engagement consistent with the website with a gesture of excitement.

It adds a vibrant appearance to your website through the interactive user-generated content.

5. Visual Appeal

Displaying an embedded Instagram feed on your website leaves a unique impression at the first insight, therefore, will increase the visual appeal of your website.

Visual appeal boosts up the excitement of website visitors and can convert their casual visits to your website into a complete engagement. 


People are observed getting easily convinced to engage with those websites which are visually appealing and have an attractive user-interface.

6. Build Social Media Profile Strong

Social profile means for your Instagram account. 

Embedding Instagram feed can also build your social media profile strong.

Instagram feed on website

No matter how your social media account is performing, once you embed your Instagram feed on your website, it will increase your touchpoints on your website and will transfer the website traffic to your Instagram profile.

By that, it increases your Instagram engagement as well and builds your social profile strong.

7. Brand Image

Once you get your Instagram feed embedded on your website, it provides you with a gift of the exceptional brand image also. 

Because of your confident behaviour to showcase the brand’s social media content generated by random users on your website, you will get to know that your website visitors and frequent customers are more likely to praise that behaviour of yours.


A good word-of-mouth chain is been continuously built over your brand’s image. You can hopefully expect a steep rise in your customer count after the feedbacks that users gonna leave after using your products to their loved ones.

After a course of time, you could be also known for having visual content on your website and people might not think before purchasing your product, because you have already created a brand image by showcasing happy customers through Instagram feed.

8. Increase the Dwell Time

Dwelling time is something that can raise your sales and also your SERP performance.

One should not doubt in assuming that Google is the smartest and it keeps tracking every single movement of yours and your users too.


Once you have Instagram feed embedded on your website, which is also getting updated with 

Google keeps track of your website pages individually regarding their dwell time, bounce rate, and exit rate, and then it places your page accordingly.

Though there is no such direct influence on SEO. It is observed and suggested by the experts to keep the dwell time of your page as long as possible.

9. Amplify Interaction

Keeping Instagram feed on your website allows users to engage more with it and amplifies interaction along with your gallery leading to increase sales possibly.

Though conversion of a visitor into a customer is depending upon the product’s actual worth. If it’s worth enough to engage with, no matter you have any additional thing embedded to it or not, it will get sold soon.


Embedding Instagram feed actually, is just a concern to increase your interaction rate and the probability of users to engage.

10. No Expense for Content Creation

Content creation is a visual thing, important to make your product look attractive. Usually, the content is created by arranging a lot of spacial setups, that demands a sound budget.

Any social feed on the other end is full of user-generated content, thus, it reduces the expense that we have to spend on creating the content for our website.


Also, it enhances the user engagement of a website and an increased user-engagement rate explicitly gives a hike to the rate of conversions.

Having real-time visual content in the form of an embedded social feed develops a belief in customers by making them seeing others using the same product and happy with it.

Having a social feed embedded on your website is a far better marketing method than investing in artificial content creation. It helps in reducing the marketing efforts, enhancing the publicity of the brand and so the brand’s credibility.


The physical market is full of grocery shops. Similarly, the online market is also filled up with e-commerce websites.

What an e-commerce company or brand should do to stand out of others and rule this e-commerce world depends on person to person as per his business requirements.

What we know is, Social media is capable of doing a lot, in fact, more than we can imagine for it. Thus, an initiative to take advantage of it would never prove your initiative wrong.

Embedding Instagram feed is one of the niche ways to take advantage of Social media. And a social media aggregator tool can help you in doing so, and also in the remaining niche ways.

Various Instagram aggregation tools allow you to aggregate content from Instagram and embed it on your website. They can also provide many other features and benefits for your business to increase sales & conversions.  


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