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Email Marketing: Does It Work?

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In today’s highly technological society most marketing is done online, because it is the easiest way to find any kind of information about a company, product, service or brand. Online marketing and advertising have become quite frequent today, precisely because they are an efficient, cost effective and time effective way for the businesses to reach the largest possible number of clients immediately and directly.

It’s important to have a good web-based marketing campaign

Online email marketing is very widespread today and we all have a lot of experience with it. Corporations and commercial institutions even misuse personal emails in their email marketing campaigns with the goal of spreading the information about their product or service to the largest possible number of potential clients.

On a daily basis we all receive email we don’t want to read and we usually mark them as spam and delete them right away. We receive all kinds of advertisements, offers from different companies, leaflets, brochures and other promotional material. This can be very irritating if you receive all kinds of uncalled for emails with a lot of information you are not interested in the least.

This is why sending this type of emails can be very detrimental for your brand’s or your company’s status, and it can easily be highly counterproductive. This is an effect you certainly don’t want to achieve. The goal of every marketing campaign is to creative positive brand image and to make potential clients pay attention to your message.

The customer’s approval is essential

Many companies today have their own websites where they display all sorts of information about their product or a service they provide. Online email marketing has also become one of the most popular and widespread email marketing solutions. However, probably the best solution is actually permission based email marketing. Permission based email marketing means that you create mailing list on which you will have only the addresses of persons who have previously given their permission (explicit or implicit).

Why is this so important, and why is permission based email marketing such a successful and wise marketing option? Because in this way you send your promotional material only to persons who are actually interested in what you have to offer and who are really your prospective customers. This means you are not wasting your energy, time and your resources on wrong people but instead wisely focusing on your regular clients and on the ones who are likely to become your regular clients.

This is a clever, fast and direct way to create a base of loyal and trusting clients for your company. You will get feedback from your target audience; and you prove to them that you respect their privacy which they will certainly respect.

Successful in Australia

Permission based email marketing has been extremely successful in recent times in Australia. Email marketing Australia is based on mailing lists Australia. Email marketing company Australia has proven to be rather successful in connecting different companies with their potential clients. Australia is a unique market for a number of reasons and it obviously has its distinctive characteristics but there is no reason why this type of marketing wouldn’t work anywhere else in the world.

This marketing option is a great addition to having your web site for example, as your clients could subscribe to receive your newsletter instead of having to visit your web site in order to get some new information about your business, like new offers, discounts, special prices and other things they could be interested in.


All in all, when developing your marketing strategy bear in mind how important it is not to be overly assertive and blunt. It is a much smarter choice to use modern marketing ‘tricks’ to get closer to your target audience. Permission based email marketing is an obvious choice-it saves you a lot of time and money, it is direct, friendly, never too persistent or annoying for the receiver.

Marketing should by all means be a vital part of your business plan as it is the way of connecting and communicating with your clients, and of course of getting some new ones.

Choose the best possible for your company, think positively, be determined in what you do, stand out in the crowd- and the success is bound to come to you.

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