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5 Extremely Effective SEO Facts That Will Boost Your SEO Results.

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This is a detailed post on 5 extremely effective SEO facts that directly affect your website rankings & improve your SEO results, you’ll love to consider them.

1. SEO won’t give results instantly

If you rely on SEO like if you are a blogger, an SEO Specialist or a business owner who hired a digital marketing company then you should know this truth that SEO won’t give results instantly.

This is because SEO is an ongoing process that never ends, it takes 5-6 month or even a year also, it depends on how much you are putting efforts in it and most importantly the competition behind the keywords you want to rank for.

Sometimes SEO experts & agencies say that you will get results in X-Y-Z time but always this is an estimated time not guaranteed unless it’s not any black hat SEO.

Hey! I know I’ve scared you a lot but don’t be worried SEO also has an awesome advantage that is called the compounding effect. This effect comes in action when your one thing goes right then other things also go right and you will observe the drastic change in your overall efforts.

For example, if you made an awesomely attractive title of your blog post and it gets high Clicks then your traffic will increase, and as your traffic increase, you will get a higher ranking. Now if you get higher ranking your website traffic will further increase your website traffic and you will be further promoted by Google, this is how this compounding effect works.

But always remember the thumb rule “SEO is a never ending-process”.

This graph by shows the overtime Growth in website traffic.


2. Content is the base

you are doing SEO so your aim will be generating lead not driving traffic that doesn’t convert into your customer and if you are not providing content that helps your customer then they will become just a visitor of your website, not your customer.

78% of people prefer brands that provide content than advertisements. Because if you follow your customer’s buying behavior and help him in every step then the possibility is that he/she will buy your product or services rather then other’s.

Also, companies who have a blog on their website are getting 67% more leads than those who haven’t. Now you might get a rough idea about how content can affect your SEO efforts.

As we go deeper into SEO sometimes we give more stress on tools, tricks, and methods through which we can get a higher ranking on google. If you do then leave a comment with “Yes” and if you don’t then leave a comment with “No”.

These are really important to do but the real problem comes when we don’t focus on improving the quality of our content which we are presenting.

We should always keep in mind that we are presenting content to live humans, not to Google or it’s an algorithm and Google also give preference to the user experience.

Wait I’ll give you an example of it:

Assume that my website has higher SEO score and your website has less but your Click Through Rate (CTR) is way higher than mine then your website will get a higher ranking than my website.

3. Everything is moving to quality.

T he is the real fact of SEO in these days that “everything is moving to quality“. Those days are gone when SEO didn’t require as many efforts that today does because as the time increased the Google algorithms have been evolved focused on delivering the right answer to their users.

The loopholes are also filled over time and the quality contents only stand at the top. I call today’s SEO :


What you think, is it right or wrong.

4. Backlinks still affect, first quality than the quantity link

building is the most debated topic in the digital marketing community. Some of them think it is necessary and rest not, and the Russian search engine Yandex has removed the backlinks from its ranking factor.

As per Google is considered, backlinks are one of the major ranking factors but it is more complicated as it seems.

1. Today Google is not only counting backlinks but it is analyzing it by the quality that these backlinks are providing.

2. The number of referring domains is very important. let’s say if my website has 100 backlinks from 2 websites and your website has 50 backlinks from 10 websites then your backing will provide more value than mine.

5. There is no “Secret SEO Method” out there when

you search for SEO secret methods you will get lots of blogs that will contain these secret methods but in reality there is nothing like any secret methods because these ranking algorithms are kept super secret by search engine companies and these algorithms are changed on regular basis, also anything that is out there in the market is provided by Google or based on experience of top SEO’s.

Although the Digital Marketing Experts that have got results from the techniques that they used are proven and reliable as well. So we can say that SEO is a science that is changing over time and we have to dig into it to get best out of it.

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