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Email Verification Tools and Market Growth

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Of the many channels explored by marketing managers, email is probably one of the most important. It’s a great way to touch base with your customers, announce new collections and services and get feedback. Done right, email marketing can have an ROI of 3400%! But, this is not the result of every company that uses email marketing sees. One of the reasons for this could be a bad email list. This is where email verification tools come in.

What is an email verification tool?

Email verification refers to checking the authenticity of the email addresses in your mailing list. There are many instances where customers may intentionally or unintentionally give you wrong email addresses. Email verification tools sift through your mailing list to identify syntax errors, missing extensions, unnecessary spaces, etc. that will make your emails bounce back. 

They will also check the validity of an email address- an account may have been shut down or may have been identified as a spam address.

The tool will then give you a segregated list of emails that are correct and valid and those that should be removed from our mailing list. The best part- all of this happens without any inconvenience to your customers.

Email Verification Tools and Market Growth

Once you have a clean mailing list, you can set about designing and sending out exciting newsletters and emails about your new product and service range. By sending out an email campaign to only those addresses that are active and valid, your campaign’s ROI will increase dramatically. But, this is not the only benefit of email verification. There are a number of ways email verification can help with market growth too.

Shows Accurate Campaign Insights

Not all email campaigns will have the same results. Sending an email out to a list of addresses that you know are valid and active, gives you an accurate picture of the action it triggers. You will get to know insights such as how many people opened your email, how many of them clicked on a button to take them to the website, how many people ignored it and so on. This data will prove useful when you create your next email campaign. As your email campaigns improve, you should also see an improvement in your sales numbers.

Better Customer Engagement

Once the email verification tool has gone through your mailing list, you will be left with a clean list of actual and potential customers. These are real people who have real interests and needs. By analyzing the customer data about them, you can draft better emails that are less generic, more in tune with their interests and more likely to encourage a response.  When you send out an email about something that your customer is interested in, your engagement numbers will improve.

Protects Your Reputation

A high bounce rate of email campaigns doesn’t just affect your analytics, it also affects your reputation among ISPs, etc. If you have continually high bounce rates, your emails may be tagged as spam and you may be blacklisted. Similarly, if recipients flag your emails as spam, your reputation among servers could be in trouble.

Email verification tools reduce your bounce rate to protect your reputation. By giving you better analytics, it helps you improve your email content and reduces the risk of being flagged as spam.

Give Your Sales Team a Reliable Database

Emails aren’t just necessary for awareness campaigns. They also play a role in generating sales. A verified email list gives genuine insights from your email campaigns. This information can be used by your sales team to generate interest and push sales. For example, if your email list is not reliable, your sales team might end up reaching out to people on the list that have no real interest in your products. It’s a case of hit and try. On the other hand, if you have a reliable mailing list, they can check the email campaign analytics to see who all opened the email and took action. By reaching out to only those people, their conversion percentages will increase. Thus, it makes their work more efficient and effective.

Stay Updated

On average, up to 30% of email addresses are shut down each year. This means that 1 in every 3 emails on your mailing list may be invalid each year. Email verification tools identify these email addresses and remove them from your mailing list. Thus, your list stays up to date at all times.

In Conclusion

Email verification should not be viewed as an optional service but as a necessity for every company. This is the tool that can make the difference to how effective your marketing campaigns are and to how fast your company grows.

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