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Don’t Forget To Give People Your Business Card

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Every flourishing business out there enjoys continuous success because there are customers availing of their products and/or services. Without customers, how would a business grow, let alone earn money? Taking a few steps backward, how would people even know of a certain brand’s existence?

Marketing is inarguably one of the most crucial parts of every business. It could come in the form of media advertisements, word of mouth information dissemination, gigantic billboard, events, stickers fliers and sales promos, among others. Without people knowing about a company’s product or service, who will buy them? Nobody will be able to avail of a product if no one knows it exists.

This is where marketing comes in. Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are other forms of it. One very efficient method that is usually ignored is the use of business cards.

 A Game of Cards

What is a business card? This tiny wonder is typically around two inches wide and 3 inches long. It usually contains information about an individual or company, and normally has the:

  • owner’s name;
  • his/her affiliation to or position in the company;
  • the company name, logo and slogan; and
  • the owner’s or company’s contact details (address, email, mobile phone number, fax, etc.).

Considering its size and simplicity, business cards are easy to produce and are cost effective.

From Card Giving to Relationship Building

Business cards can be distributed almost everywhere. They can also be given to almost anybody. Everyone out there is a potential customer to the business, so everyone is entitled to be aware of it. Aside from other methods, giving people business cards to promote a brand is the first step in relationship building. Once the people get to know of the brand and find out that they needed or wanted it, business comes next. Without that crucial first step, the business might go down and even fail.

Taking note of the first step in relationship building, why not turn the volume up a few notches? It is always better to have that personal touch. Business cards can be left anywhere where people can see them and take them. When thinking of places or ways to distribute business cards, imagination is the only limit. And talking about personal touch, one great way to distribute them is by handing them out yourself.

Personal engagement with people is important in marketing your business. It would make the customer feel closer to the product or service being promoted. It would make them feel assured that they are doing business with real people and not some machine without feelings. Plus, getting closer to the customer makes them like the brand more, creating windows of opportunity for business growth.

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Using Business Cards: the Visible Edge

In a nutshell, here are some of the reasons why business cards can be an effective tool in marketing your business and in building relationships with prospective clients and partners.

  • Business cards are small and handy – Each card fits right into a regular wallet, so bringing it is easy. Its size also makes it easy to distribute or just leave where there are people who can take it.
  • They’re great for networking – Since they’re easy to distribute, business cards work great for networking. There is always a person who needs the products or services you are promoting. Even those who don’t might know someone who might. The link can just go on and on, and the best way to take advantage of it is by giving them a means to contact you when needed.
  • You can write on it – Business cards are usually made out of paper, so writing on it is possible. If at one time there is a need to add information right before giving it to someone, writing on it is painless and possible.
  • They are easy to distribute – Small and light as they are, it is very easy to bring a stack that you can give away in a booth, or a few pieces that you can hand out in events and gatherings. They’re small and compact, but they contain crucial information that automatically links you to important people. It has everything a potential client or partner needs when the need for a contact person arises.

With those ideas out, one can connect the dots and find that using business cards as a marketing weapon would reap significant rewards, given that they are easy to make and distribute. Compared with billboards, the company’s contact details would never be lost with the person who has the business card. Also, with several options to produce them (through printing press, online printing service, etc.), business cards are a more accessible and far cheaper way to advertise than others (TV, radio, newspapers, etc.).

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