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5 Incredible Ways AI is Changing the Way We Do Digital Marketing

Ways AI is Changing the Way We Do Digital MarketingImage Credit: Deposit Photos

Have you ever noticed that when you buy something on Amazon you automatically start getting these banner ads of products that are closely related? You don’t really have to buy anything. Let’s say you simply searched for “sports shoes” on Google or Amazon and you might suddenly find multiple ads of shoes that are similar in style. That’s artificial intelligence working behind the scenes.

Artificial intelligence is not a future technology anymore, it has proven its merit in predicting consumer behavior. That’s why the ads and the “suggestions” we see online seem much more relevant now than it used to be a decade ago.  As the competition to rank higher and get more organic traffic grows fiercer, strategies such as backlinking and targeting keywords can only generate moderately satisfying results. 

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Digital Marketing?

 When it comes to analyzing huge amounts of data, artificial intelligence has us humans beat. Artificial intelligence marketing helps SEO companies analyze search patterns and provide invaluable insights to design personalized campaigns created to target every single individual online. Artificial intelligence is also allowing SEO agencies to track competitors and detect contents that are working for their clients. They can use these data points to constantly evolve their SEO strategy and help their clients stay ahead.

 AI not only helps marketers analyze consumer needs and target ads accordingly, but it also does a pretty good job of detecting what consumers might need in the future. For example, if you bought a ski mask, and a beanie, the AI may assume you are going to also need a winter jacket or a ski jacket and start showing you those ads. 

5 Ways AI is Changing the Landscape of SEO

Enhanced Competitor Analysis

 Competitor analysis is not a new SEO tactic. Digital marketing companies have been relying on this strategy for years now. SEO companies yet to embrace AI use tools to manually extract data of what the direct competition is doing. Data such as what sites they are targeting for link building and the keywords they are targeting. AI has made things a lot simpler by quickly analyzing competitors and generating actionable reports. 

 Artificial Intelligence Makes Digital Marketing More Affordable

 Let’s not lose sight of the fact why AI in SEO is appealing to businesses. It allows companies to achieve more at less cost. AI takes over a lot of the workload that was previously accomplished by humans. That essentially means a small team of SEO experts can now achieve a mountain of digital marketing tasks thanks to AI. A smaller team size drives up the profit margins and lowers the digital marketing costs for clients.

Enhanced Performance Analysis

 A significant portion of SEO work is to check whether your strategies are fruiting results. That means using a bunch of SEO tools and tracking several metrics and then correlating that data to judge the overall performance of your strategies. That’s something AI is particularly good at and much more efficient than humans can ever be. AI can not only analyze the performance but they can leave you with key insights about missed opportunities and SEO tricks you can implement to better your performance. 

 AI Chatbots that Provide 24-Hour Customer Support

 Google ranks pages by relevancy and the way it does that is by tracking the number of minutes users spend on a website. For example, if a user searches for “Christmas decorations” on Google and spends a lot of time browsing the many pages of a particular site, it tells Google that the site is relevant for people who are searching for Christmas items. 

 Now, what negatively impacts search ranking is the bounce rate. This is when users go to a site and then instantly go back to the search page. This happens when the user is not satisfied with the content or if they don’t find answers to certain questions. This is where AI chatbots come in. By incorporating AI chatbots, websites can answer customer inquiries 24X7. This means customers are likely to spend more time as they get their questions answered.

 AI-Powered chatbots can have conversations with users that genuinely feel real. That’s because they can understand the true meaning behind every query instead of just looking for keywords. Most users interacting with advanced AI chatbots don’t realize they are actually chatting with a robot. The fact that they instantly get their queries resolved also enhances the user experience and motivates them to make a purchase.

 Automation of Mundane SEO Tasks

 AI is taking over tasks that are mundane and repetitive and leaving the actual intelligent work to human SEO experts. Tasks that require critical thinking and innovativeness.  

 Many of the routine SEO chores such as internal linking, generating reports, performance monitoring, and searching for link building prospects are likely to be AI-driven in the future.

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