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Examples and Tools To Succeed in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a technique of converting your visitors into customers. I have seen webmasters getting concerned as to how they can get more and more traffic on their site without thinking much about converting the existing traffic in order to reach their desired goals. The need is to turn visitors into customers and subscribers.

There are several tools, tactics, and strategies that are used for CRO. This post will help you to uncover the secrets of conversion rate optimization to get more conversions and revenue.

#1. Identify the Needs of Visitors and Present Them With Options to Fulfill Their Needs

Every visitor comes to the site in order to fulfill a certain need. The site that satisfies the needs of the visitor wins and others who only confuse the visitors ultimately lose. Have a look at the following CTA button usage by

#2. Display Your CTA Elements in Bright Colors For Easy Identification

The main CTA elements should always remain visible to the user. Moreover, it should have bright colors for easier
identification. For example, the site of broadconnectusa uses a unique combination of orange and white color to highlight its main CTA text. This helps them to get more leads as people directly call them. If your site also has certain elements that you wish people to take action on then to make sure to display them in bright colors.


#3. A Pop Up Form To Turn Visitors Into Subscribers – Use Intelligently

A pop-up form for a subscription has always been a great strategy to get business leads. Have a look at the below pop up subscription form used by Couponmachine to get instant email subscribers for its business. For eCommerce site owners, daily deal sites and news sites or blogs, it is important to have a lot of subscribers. These subscribers help to generate repeat visits, conversion and above all the customer retention rate.


#4. Personalize and Offer Customized Deals

Customers want deals that are created solely for them. All the major brands are busy creating customized offers for
their customers. If you want to increase your conversion rate then start offering your customers customized deals – for example, you can offer them some extra discount based on their past purchase behavior. If the customer is female then the deals offered to the customer should contain female orientated products only. These are some of the ideas that you can effectively use to increase conversions.

Make use of up-selling and cross-selling as strategies to gain more profits from your existing conversions. Have a look at the example below of Koovs website that is superb in cross-selling its products.


#5. Make Use of Human Emotions – Smiley Faces Matter

Humans value emotions and intelligent marketers make use of this factor to their advantage. If your main converting
pages have a smiling face then, believe it or not, people would be more inclined towards buying products. This
miracle is related to human psychology. Smiles are often associated with positivity and a smiling face makes individuals happy and they’ll likely proceed with their orders. It also gives them a sense of trust thereby helping to increase conversions.

Have a look at the below-landing page used by Freshdesk – it’s super awesome!


Tops Tools for CRO

Conversion Rate Optimization requires the use of certain tools that helps to effectively manage the running of campaigns. These tools provide important insights as to exactly where the audiences are dropping out from the marketing funnel; what you have done wrong on the site; what is leading to decreased sales; which channels are generating the maximum conversions etc. Here are the top 5 tools I recommend to use.

#1. Google Analytics

One of the most trusted and free analytics software is Google Analytics. It allows you to keep a track of what is happening on your site. Some of the advanced features that you can use in Google Analytics for improving your conversion rate are the In-Page Analytics Reports, E-commerce Conversions Reports, Conversions and Goals Reports, Cohort Analysis Reports etc.

#2. Adobe Analytics

It offers personalized and customized reports for both desktop and mobile marketing. You can apply advanced
segmentation, monetize your video content, match social sentiments and use them for testing, use pre-click and post-click data for further analysis of improving your ROI.

#3. Optimizely

It is one of the best Code-free visual editors that offer multichannel optimization for the web and mobile. You can
easily use it for A/B testing, split testing and multivariate testing. With total control, it allows you to track
engagement, clicks, conversions and sign-ups easily.

#4. CrazyEgg

It helps to let you know exactly where people are clicking on your site by generating various heatmaps. It also lets you know how many people scroll down to your pages or where do they stop? Crazy Egg helps to deliver insights on the major ROI changes being witnessed on your site. This tool is an enhanced version of the In-Page Analytics feature offered by Google Analytics.

#5. ClickTale

It helps to uncover the user experience on mobile, tablet and desktop. It offers an impressive heatmap technology that
helps to understand how visitors experience your site from desktops and laptops. The 4 different heatmaps that you can check are Mouse Move, Click, Attention, and Scroll-Reach. Interestingly it offers a drill-down into individual session playbacks and some awesome site efficiency tools like JS Errors Report, Page Console, Bounce Rate report, etc.

I hope this helps to uncover some of the ways through which you can effectively increase your conversion rate. Remember, testing is an essential phase of CRO and you must make use of A/B testing and multivariate testing in order to gain even more relevant insights regarding the user behavior.

Do you have some more suggestions? Please share your comments below.

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