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Flaws in Your Content Marketing that are Holding You Back

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Today, people spend almost as much time online as they do offline. Because of this, as a modern business, it is imperative to have a robust online presence. This not only helps your customers find you, but it also conveys professionalism and the sense that your business is established and can be trusted.

But often, it is easy to make mistakes in your content marketing strategy. If you think that this could be you, BRANDefenders, a team of confident marketing experts, can help. Here we share some flaws to look out for in your methods and how SEO techniques can boost your business.


What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a means of boosting your business through sharing content. All forms of online content can be used for marketing. Some of these include:

  • Social media posts
  • Emails
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Videos
  • Website pages

Content marketing is about drawing readers to your site to introduce your business and services. It involves building a relationship through sharing content.

On the BRANDefenders team, we use various techniques like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to build quality materials and draw customers to your company. SEO encompasses many tactics, such as including certain words to boost your content on search engines so that prospective customers can easily find you.

Flaws in Your Content Marketing

There are many mistakes that a person can make with their content marketing strategy, but we see some significant flaws being frequently repeated. Take a look at these most common content marketing mistakes so that you can understand what you need to avoid in your campaigns.

1. Not Knowing Your Market

The first mistake is not correctly knowing your market. This means that you should upload a few posts or blogs and then thoroughly analyze them to make sure you reach your intended audience. You should then make sure that if they are mainly using mobile phones to access your brand information, for example, that you design your work accordingly.

Did you know that cellphone readers engage for approximately one minute with an article with a word count between 300 – 999 words but two minutes for a word count over 1000 words? With this in mind, content marketing specialists like BRANDefenders would suggest making your articles over 1000 words if that’s what your audience is looking for.

2. Poor Quality Content

Another regular flaw our BRANDefenders see is companies thinking about quantity over quality. But in successful content marketing, the work produced needs to be fun and engaging to appeal to your customers.

Nothing is worse than a copy that tries too hard to sell or is too packed with keywords. It makes for an uncomfortable reading experience for your customers. And even worse, they will be put off working with your brand as they won’t get a good idea of what you represent or why they should choose you.

Equally, a flaw that BRANDefenders often see is not evergreen material. This means that after a couple of weeks, your specially created materials will already be out of date. This is not only a waste of money, but it can make your company look like it isn’t cutting edge.

3.  Using SEO  Improperly

SEO is one of the best tools a business has today for boosting its content on search engines. With literally millions of websites, blogs, and companies to compete with, it’s essential to ensure your business can be found by your prospective customers.

Many people misuse SEO by using every keyword they can find and jamming it into a text. This method is called keyword stuffing. The search engines will monitor your content to ensure it isn’t boosted, but you can get banned in severe cases.

4. Not Removing Negative Content

Another flaw regularly made is that people tend to focus on producing great content rather than removing harmful material. Unfortunately, however much positive material you create and share, if the harmful material continues to gain traffic and has many hits, it will continue to appear high on search engines.

Because of this, our BRANDefenders team is as focused on negative material removal as it is on other positive strategies. We have been developing our removal techniques for years, meaning that you can go back to the creative aspects – we’ll deal with your online history.

5. Inconsistency

The final most common mistake is being inconsistent with content. Whatever platforms you use, the material you produce needs to be shared frequently, at similar times if possible. Your brand representation also needs to remain the same, so you send a coherent message to your future customers.

By being consistent, customers who see what you publish as valuable are more likely to return to your site.

How to Improve Your Content Marketing?

One of the easiest ways to improve your content marketing is working with an expert team. At BRANDefenders, we can help you with your content efforts. We have years of experience offering a wide range of services, including SEO, Online Reputation Management (ORM), and consulting.

Suppose you are looking for a company that will boost your content marketing, ensure it reaches the top of search engine results, and simultaneously remove material that does not compliment your business. In that case, we are the company for you.

Our team constantly works towards your business goals. Today, business expansion is directly linked to having a successful online presence. Our advanced suppression techniques have been perfected over the years to include legal procedures and intricate online strategies.

Start Taking Your Content Marketing Seriously

If you think your business is following some of these flawed strategies, BRANDefenders can help. Our team comprises experienced and passionate strategists ready to boost your brand.

We will ensure that you no longer stuff keywords, that you use SEO correctly, and that you improve consistency. But we don’t stop there. We can also remove negative articles and build a consistent and ambitious business content marketing plan for you.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with BRANDefenders today about content marketing for your website.

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