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5 Ways To Grow Content Marketing for Lawyers

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Many legal service businesses have one big problem – their services don’t find a wide target audience. These services attract only specialized audiences that can be totaled in the few thousands or even hundreds. Сonsequently, some of these companies underestimate the power of content marketing for lawyers.

Content marketing is crucial for law firms, especially if they want to find new clients, retain existing ones, and build a good online presence on the legal services market. With the increased number of international and local competitors in the legal services industry, it is going to be critical going forward.

According to the survey carried out by the Legal Productivity, 97% of all law sites are lacking personalized content. That means that content marketing helps lawyers attracting potential customers by including information about them and their services.

The problem is that there is no cut-and-dried marketing strategy for the law industry. There are thousands of businesses that produce hundreds of services designed for different purposes. What works best for one business might not work for you.

Without a clear strategy, the efforts are in vein. Notice that only 18% of lawyers document a content marketing strategy on site. So make sure that your strategy is spelled out and properly executed upon for your legal business.

1.Take advantage of videos and photos.

Those legal service businesses can create and share videos and photos of their services in real life. One of the good ways to promote your services is to create videos about new winning and ask your customers to share them via social media.

Find influencers and make them your brand ambassadors to create entertaining content about your service (videos, photos, etc.). This is another great way to showcase the service. Moreover, these people develop a creative and enjoyable content that other people want to share. And it doesn’t look like an advertising – more like real photos from real people which adds trust and connection with your product.

2. Add personality and voice to each blog post

Blogging is a good option to share information about your company’s expertise and show your brand personality through your writing.

Don’t try to turn your content into 700-words advertisements. Rather treat them like news stories or magazine articles. You can look into issues and problems that concern your consumers, and present them with your own style and voice. Google always wants fresh content. Write new blog posts on a regular basis or refresh the existing content. A good example from Glotzer & Leib, LLP that publish regular posts about their industry.

Try to compare the writings of your competitors who are doing in this field, and find something valuable for your strategy. Use SE Ranking competitor research tool to analyze your rivals, figure out the best performing content and how this content is resonating with customers.

3. Create eBooks and File Papers

Ebook is a great lead generation tool that allows you share bigger pieces of content with potential clients. Ebooks are another step in the marketing process after reading a blog post. This content is usually gated meaning that you offer a free eBook, and people give you their contact information to learn more from the eBook. In turn, you can use their emails and send new blog posts and special offers to keep them interested in your service.

Ebooks should be creative and informative for lawyers. They should educate them about the advantages of your services, solve their problems or discover new techniques in your field. Work with professional writers, and ask them to write a short story on Amazon. You can even print a few copies and share with potential customers via the Amazon service that does on-demand printing. For example, Fernandez & Karney created the divorce file paper to explain the overall process.

4. Make podcasts

In today’s age of on-the-go mindsets, it is difficult to find a free time to read a whole book or newspaper. A podcast is a good way to discern useful information while keeping all balls in the air. 57 million Americans listen to podcasts once per month. Why not use this inexpensive media channel to deliver your company content??

You can use podcasts as an effective sales tool too. Potential customers might reject to take a sales call, but you can invite them to talk on a podcast that can be more exciting and engaging.

5. Create something new and original

If you want to differentiate yourself from others, it is high time to break out of bland and run-of-the-mill blog posts and brochures. Why not take risks and do something new and creative with your content?

For example, you can create time-lapse videos of your production processes. You can shoot the manufacturing process itself or divide it into the stages. The best thing is that it is easy to create such kind of videos, and viewers find them exciting to watch. Here is how Berenji & Associates shows how to handle all family related matters, in particular divorce. They put together frequently asked questions and developed a separate divorce library to assist users.

You can also ask views and predictions from well-known industry experts and top customers to create content for customer nurturing. If you like infographics, you can conduct surveys or gather relevant stats in one place. Customers always prefer facts and clearly presented data to support their decisions. The information can be also pictured as a slide deck or as a report.


When it comes to content marketing, it is important to develop a sophisticated and deliberate strategy to catch your target audience. Once your content is successfully marketed, you can gain a competitive edge in your industry.

For legal services industry to succeed and reach a wider audience, building content is essential. The best answer to better content marketing is to create quality content, form it properly and distribute content more effectively. The best content should be interesting, useful and even funny. Try something a little risky and creative, and check out what this content marketing can do for you.


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