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How to Combine SEO With CRO for Maximum Lead and Revenue Generation

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Generating leads one of the first and foremost goals for most digital marketers. Generated leads are not necessarily good all the time. But most organizations believe that leads are primarily responsible to drive business these days. That is why digital marketers are often held accountable to generate more of them.

Marketers adopt many strategies to drive and generate leads. However, we feel that aligning search engine optimization (SEO) with conversion rates is the most effective one. It might seem obvious to you, but you will be surprised to know that most digital marketers are often unable to balance the two.

You are probably aware of the importance of SEO to drive traffic to your business website as well as grow brand awareness. But generating traffic is not sufficient alone to generate revenue. People who click on the link to your website would not necessarily become customers or subscribers unless they feel motivated to click on the action.

If you are using SEO services, you would probably have access to a free SEO dashboard to monitor SEO metrics. But did you know that the same dashboard can help you track conversion rates to monitor your website performance?

It can help you identify the struggling areas of your website so that you can improve their performance. You can set your conversion goals on the dashboard and test your ideas to improve your website CRO.

So, now that you have understood the importance of combining CRO with SEO, let us look at some ways to achieve it.

Have a Focused Content Marketing Strategy

An SEO-optimized content marketing strategy can help your CRO in many ways. You can expand your content reach and your target audience using a variety of topics and formats. The content can also help you establish better trust with your target audience and establish your company as an expert.

Visitors who trust your brand are more likely to buy from you than from anyone else. You can also gather analytics from your content that can help you improve your conversion rates. For example, you may notice that your content has become popular in Mexico.

Introducing a Spanish version of your website can help you drive more conversions. You can also try including your CTA buttons on the content pages that are gaining popularity. As we mentioned before, you can gather these analytics from an SEO dashboard as well.

Use Direct Content for Better CRO

Generalized content is efficient to reach potential customers who are unfamiliar with your brand name. You can use the right keywords to introduce them to the beginning of a marketing funnel. But a chunk of potential customers might be stuck in the middle of the funnel and not able to make the final decision to buy your products or services.

You can create specifically directed content for such customers, such as an unboxing video of your product that explains its benefits. You can also incorporate a catchy CTA on such content urging your potential customers to sign up for a free trial or get a discount. Using directed content will also allow you to feature your product to a new audience and build trust.

Use SEO on Your Webpages for CRO

Strategic SEO on your website content can go a long way to increase your CRO. You can place the right keywords or images on your webpages to attract a page visitor’s attention and urge them to click on the CTA button.

You can also use your website content to establish your brand’s expertise in the industry to build trust among your visitors. For example, a person may not click on the CTA button on his or her first visit.

But if you have multiple contents related to the subject that can establish you as an expert, the visitor can be enticed to go through all of them and eventually convert. To achieve that, you must use intelligent SEO tactics on your website that tells your potential customer how you can meet or solve their requirements.

Leverage Your SEO Analytics

We mentioned in the beginning that your SEO dashboard can help you improve your CRO. You can dive into the data to gather a lot of useful information such as:

  • Number of page views
  • Demographic details of the visitors
  • Prominent landing pages
  • Number of exits per page
  • Time spent on each page
  • The average number of pages visited
  • The most popular pages

You can compare different periods for all of this information to understand how to leverage your CRO in a better way. For example, you can focus on including strategic CTAs on the prominent and popular pages.

You can also introduce seasonal or cultural promotions depending on the demographic details. There are many other ways to utilize your SEO analytics to boost your conversion rates, so try and explore them.

Use CRO to Improve SEO

You can also learn from your CRO exercises to improvise the SEO on your webpages. It enables you to gather insights from the different types of consumers buying your products and services, such as:

  • Age and demographic details of consumers
  • Popular products and services
  • Purchasing frequency and cycle

All this information can help you strategize your content marketing, which can further increase your conversions. Consumer behavior reports and A/B testing your CTA buttons can help you learn ways to improve SEO on your website.

Hopefully, we have been able to convince you to align your SEO and CRO efforts to generate more leads. So go ahead and make maximum use of this match made in ROI heaven to increase your revenue and profits.

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