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What Can Traditional Businesses Do To Keep Up With The Digital Trend?

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Traditional businesses that once relied on the same marketing and advertising tactics year after year are having to re-strategize. The digital world has taken over and businesses can no longer rely solely on television ads or old-school mailers. Between SEO, social media, content creation and Google ads, the digital world can seem quite overwhelming. Below are a few tips to help you learn more about digital trends and get started in the right direction.

Join the Search Engine Land email list

Search Engine Land is an online site that reports on all angles of digital marketing, advertising, and marketing technology. By signing up for the email list, you can receive daily news featuring industry trends, breaking stories and feature announcements. Joining the email list is an easy way to receive relevant industry news at your fingertips, which will help you stay on top of digital trends and learn new tips and tricks to better promote your business. In order to remain competitive, you have to stay a step ahead of your competition.

 Join a social media marketing email list

Another email list you should consider signing up for is a social media marketing email list such as Social Media Today or Social Media Examiner. Social media is a crucial element in today’s world. Social media helps with growing your customer base, generating reviews, branding and increasing awareness. As a busy professional, you often don’t have time to scour the internet looking for social media tips, trends and success stories. Signing up for an email is a convenient way to keep up with social media news and be able to easily share it with your team.

Video content

Businesses must create video content, embed it into blogs and share via social media. When you get on your computer, you’re highly likely to see and watch some type of video whether is on Facebook, Instagram or even a website. Consumers like and appreciate video content. Video provides an outlet to share a deeper and more personal look into your business, from behind the scenes footage to exclusive product and/or service details or showcasing your employees and existing customers.

The best video marketing strategy we use is creating “how to” or “insider tips”-style videos and using YouTube Ads via the Adwords platform to publish, as well as promoting on Facebook (and subsequently Instagram). We build an audience for the client’s videos using Adwords, where you can manufacture an audience for as low as 2 cents per view. From an SEO perspective, video is a crucial element because Google’s RankBrain algorithm understands English and therefore adds value to websites that produce YouTube videos relevant to their business.

Experiment with call-only ads in Google

While clicks to your website are extremely important, you want your phones to be ringing as well, and that’s where call-only ads come into play. Google’s call-only campaigns encourage consumers to call your business by clicking a digital ad. Google’s call-only campaigns can help you secure all potential opportunities:

Ads created in call-only campaigns are fine-tuned to show only on mobile devices that are capable of making calls. Taps on these ads will only generate calls — they won’t link to a website. These ads are very flexible with how they can appear. To optimize for mobile and enhance performance, your ads may not always show every line of text you enter when setting up your campaign. Likewise, select extensions, which are available for call-only campaigns, may also be hidden in order to make the most of the smaller screen space on mobile devices.

If you have never implemented Google call-only campaigns, it may be well worth your time and money.

These are just a few tips to dip your toes into the digital world. Digital marketing and advertising are always changing, so all leaders need to keep learning and always evaluate the strategies and tactics you are using, along with the effectiveness. By designating each employee on your management team a specific role in digital marketing will allow everyone to stay on top of various trends and provide employees a sense of responsibility to ensure the efforts become a success. Trying new things may seem frightening, but you’ll never know the success you could achieve unless you try.

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