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9 Innovative Marketing Ideas To Clutch New Customers for Small Business

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We all know how tedious it can be to capture the interest of new potential customers for our businesses, especially if we are a small firm.

If you are amongst those who have passion and determination, but lack massive funds to support your small sized business, then the following marketing ideas are worthwhile.

#1. Word of mouth

This is a super technique for small business entrepreneurs who are looking at targeting local audience. Word of mouth can be done online as well as offline. Remember the news of your company, good or otherwise, will spread like gunfire.

Some of tactics that can be employed to increase word of mouth are as follows:

  • Always ask for feedback from the customers by asking them to leave a review on your website
  • A Local business directory along with other social mediums is one of the good platforms to ask your customers for reviews of your product

#2. Write Articles

You can create a magnificent online presence by writing relevant articles on social platforms such as blogs. This practice will help you gain credibility and instill confidence in your customers. If you don’t have the skills to write then hire those who have, but do it.

#3. Take membership of your local business confederations

No tactic can beat this one. Actively participate in local meetings held by such business chambers. You will meet likeminded people and perhaps end up gaining insights or discovering varied opportunities to talk and listen.

#4. Local Business Directories

Don’t forget to list your business in a popular local business directory as it will improve your SEO ranking in a significant manner. Many people search for products and services on search engines such as Google, however, inevitably most of them end up being on a local business directory.

Local business directories do an excellent job in organic search rankings which is credible. This is particularly a useful thing for those businesses that cannot get their respective sites ranked high for a specific term, as it can appear on local business directory site that may rank for that term.

#5. Corporate Social Responsibility

Don’t do this out of desperation. Have a proper plan for sufficing your social responsibilities. Perhaps you can allot certain percentage of sales to local charitable organization. This activity will help you win your customers hearts and you too will feel happy inside!

#6. Demand testimonials and recommendations

Don’t feel shy to ask for customer testimonials from your current customers. Also feel free to ask for reviews and recommendations. They would be willing to give you testimonials preferably on online platforms such as Linkedin, Local Business Directories, Facebook, Twitter and the likes.

#7. Have presence everywhere

Yes, be omnipresent! There are numerous platforms both offline and online available in these times. Be present on each of it. Some of the low cost mediums include being of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube channel, Local business directory, podcasts on ITunes. Be known to the masses. It’s a competitive world out there, and you need to be known to the masses, for your business to grow.

#8. Google Maps

It is good idea to list your small business on Google Maps. When we talk about small sized businesses, presence in Google Maps is essential. There are many undue advantages of it. Firstly, it’s free so you have nothing to lose. Since your business is listed on Google Maps, it invariably ranks high in Google Search Rankings. Your customer also has an option of reviewing your product or services, which should help you in understanding your customers better.

#9. Make small gestures

Be very careful with this tactic. Don’t over flatter your customers. Remember, flattery is the food for fools.

Some of the most mindful ways of treating your customers’ right are as follows:

  • Return their communication immediately.

  • Call them on their special days and let it be a genuine one.

  • Send them special notes such as good wishes, if the beings have touched you.

  • Be genuinely interested in their stories if they have anything to share

It could be a little hard in the beginning for you to implement these gestures, and you might even falter! It isn’t going to harm you though. Just try and be a good person.

Understandably nailing some of the most effective and innovative marketing techniques for a small sized business entrepreneur can be nerve-wrecking. However, experimenting with all these tactics should do you good in the long run.

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