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How Stickers Effectively Increase Brand Awareness

How Stickers Effectively Increase Brand AwarenessImage Credit:

Stickers are an oft-overlooked, yet highly beneficial, marketing tool that can work wonders to increase brand visibility. They’re easy to transport and store, versatile, flexible, and affordable – this allows your business to engage your creativity and use them to their true potential, consistently increasing your brand visibility.

Why a sticker is so effective

stickers are effective

The best marketing methods are those which are simple, easy to give out, and affordable – the humble sticker is all three. A sticker is a versatile thing that can be used to adorn a number of different items. Everything from rucksacks to exercise books to car windows, and much more, can easily become home to an eye-catching and interesting sticker.

The sticker is so effective because it acts as a miniature mobile billboard – everywhere it will be taken, it can promote your business effectively. Think of the number of people who can lay their eyes on a sticker in a car window over the course of a single day, then consider how much you would have to spend on other forms of marketing to reach the same amount of people.

A sticker has inherent perceived value, which makes potential customers more likely to keep them when they’re given out.  A sticker is useful as decoration, so it serves a purpose other than pure marketing – customers rarely respond to things that only exist to market a business, which is why the sticker is much more effective.

Convenient brand growth

A sticker can be a fantastically effective way of building your brand’s visibility – but that benefit is made even more attractive by how accessible they are. The rise of custom online printing means that it’s now easier and more affordable than ever before to have them printed and delivered straight to your door.

The joy of a sticker is that it’s a blank canvas for you to imprint your creativity, your brand ethos, and your message. There are so many designs available and ways to customize a sticker – any design, any color scheme, any text; you have access to anything you want. This allows you to cultivate a truly individual brand identity.

Always keep in mind that a sticker is more likely to be used if it’s decorative, colorful, and interesting. Resist the urge to simply have your logo and name and nothing else – this is your opportunity to express yourself. The more individual the sticker, the more effective it will be.

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