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How to Use Branded Content to Get More Leads

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Attracting new leads, leading them to your website and presenting them to your brand is not as easy as you think. Whether it’s through a case study, a detailed video or social media, your content takes a crucial role in generating traffic and increasing your brand recognition. Once your visitors are in the sales funnel, you need to get them further down and inspire them to deal with your brand. 

“Talking about your activity, sharing your experience and being interesting can grab your target audience, but make them interact with your company, you should be a little specific about what you can do for them,” said Michele Mirman from Mirman, Markovits & Landau, P.C. “That’s where branded content comes into play.”

Branded content is any form of content that is distinctively relating to your brand. For example, different case studies, testimonials, success stories, and white papers can be closely connected with your company and help your potential consumers reach a goal. In this article, you will find some recommendations on how to trigger customers to interact with your brand.

1. Include the CTA

If you want to let your branded content be self-explanatory, don’t forget to include an eye-catching CTA. The general idea about creating content will help you adjust your position as a thought expert in your industry and let people happen on its own while defending your brand trust.

Make sure that things do not necessarily happen. That’s why I recommend you to add distinctive branding to improve your brand awareness and choose the right CTA for different content types. By tracking how users engage with your CTA, you can gain detailed and valuable insights about your potential customers. Moreover, including a strong CTA can be a great way to hook new customers to your products or services. You can see Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky, LLC as a good example of using the right CTA.

2. Create branded video content

As you know that video marketing is becoming one of the most popular forms of content among audience segments. 80% of all web traffic comes from video. As it turned out more and more customers love watching product videos that help them make faster their buying decisions. Moreover, one-third of the time they spend on watching online videos. 

Create valuable and detailed videos where you can tell how your products change the life of a person, what benefits he or she will get instead, and how it will work him or her most. Such videos are always result-fetching because customers like listen and watch videos online. It is no surprise that there are a lot of such videos on Youtube created every day.

3. Use interactive content formats

Interactive content formats will help you easily promote your products while starting a dialogue with your customers. Asking questions and allowing them to express their opinion always work well with the right CTAs. Helping customers solving their problems by using live chats will act faster way of mouth publicity. 

This type of content lets you retarget more smartly because you can attract customers with a relevant result to find out about your brand or tune different CTAs for different target groups. If you want to increase buying intent via indirect content, you can give customers a subtle notion of what they would like to do for them.

4. Repurpose old content

Repurposing existing content can help you reach loyalty and empathy from your target audience. Moreover, it costs less than creating new branded content as you are just taking the main idea and adapting it for the whole content. You can also include new target keywords to improve your online visibility and ranking. For finding target keywords, I am using SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion Tool.

There are multiple ways to update your old content. You can take a few small ideas from your old content and group all of your ideas to create a larger content. You can turn it on specific audience segments. 

Another way to repurpose your content is to build a consistent theme around the old content that ties with your brand purpose, vision, and brand values and improve brand consistency. You can also look for fresh ideas and directions on different content websites in your industry. Some of them may offer new perspectives to help you effectively identify new ideas and repurpose the existing content.

5. Get the most out of social media

Do you know that the number of active users in 2019 accounts for 3484 billion on social media? Make sure that this number is expected to grow further. Businesses must build an effective social media profile. That allows you to increase the number of followers, create a credible image of your brand over the world, and get more leads. 

Once you’ve created a great profile, it is important to engage with your potential customers on social media as it has a huge impact on the overall lead generation campaign of your company. Being active and responding to all of their queries and questions aren’t enough, you should learn to listen to what they want to say and support a good dialogue with them wherever they allow doing so. 

To measure your social media engagement, I recommend to focus on brand metrics that show traffic, reach, awareness, page views, etc. SocialPilot can help you gather metrics before and after publishing your branded content and identify which one works well for your brand.


Everyone knows that content is king, but it is king when goes beyond your own website. It is important to measure which types of branded content delivers the best ROI. Using the above-mentioned tips will give more options to use high-quality content for generating more leads for your brand.

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