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How to Design a Brochure That Attracts Customers

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Most commonly used to provide you with a broad overview of an organization, brochures are a fantastic way of advertising. Since they are a perfect balance of information to garner interest, with visual design and contact space to make sure that they achieve the desired effect, brochure printing is one of the best ways to generate genuine interest in your product or services.

Perfect in portability, brochures are a fantastic avenue to lure in potential clients. Hence, we have for you a few tips to make your sales brochures effective:

7 Tips to Make your Sales Brochures Effective

1. Creating a Headline that Catches the Eye

The first thing that a customer lays eyes on before he even picks up the brochure is the headline. Thus, you need to ensure that your headline is one that is going to grab the attention and make them want to read further by taking out the brochure and flipping through it. Always be aware of where the brochure is going to be kept, and things like what parts of the brochure are going to be visible. Based on this, you should design your let’s say perfect bound brochure and decide where the key placement of your headline or tagline is going to be. Another tip that you can follow is to use a contrasting background so that the color and font of your headline can pop out even further.

2. Using High-Quality Photographs or Artwork

Careful attention needs to be paid to the kind of photograph or artwork that you’re going to use for your precious. If you are going to talk about a particular product, then make sure that you have clicked the product from different angles in high-resolution. Avoid pixelated photographs at all costs, the more details you show or make visible, the more it will pique your audience’s interest. Apart from this, make sure that you color correct all your photographs so that the best colors stand out even more during brochure printing.

3. Keeping It Simple

There lies understated grace and elegance in simplicity, as much as we talk about great design, emphasis also needs to be paid on keeping it simple. A few things that you should keep in mind, is that you need your copy to be concise and crisp, yes you need to include information, but do not go over the top with it. Focus on all relevant things, and another excellent tactic is to use different facets such as subheadings and headings. A lot of time, just using a paragraph for text can be quite dull, s you can use bullet points to put across the information. Most of the time, people like to skim through brochures, so you need to make sure that all the essential information regarding your product or service is highlighted. You could do this via different color or sized text while brochure printing – make sure that the relevant information stands out from the rest of your copy.

4. Contact Information Is a Must

Most of the people who will take up your brochure will not be that familiar with your business. You must include at least the necessary contact information for them to reach you. This will help them in getting in touch with you if they do require your service in the future or to find out more about your business.

5. Having a Well Defined CTA

Well-designed brochures, be it perfect bound brochures or wire bound, can incite the interest of your target audience. Having piqued their interest, the next step would be to direct them to take action and engage with your brand. Hence having a well-defined CTA or call to action is something that becomes necessary to this end. The best way to go about it is to make sure that your CTA is clearly visible. You could even highlight it to make sure that it catches attention. Your CTA can range from redirecting your potential customers to your website, to getting in touch with your customer services telephonically.

6. Making the Right First Impression

Your brochures are your spokesperson, especially when you cannot be physically present. Hence making sure that they convey the message you want to communicate and make that right first impression means that you have to pay attention to detail. Things like using high-quality paper, going for a finish that is glossy, or just overall, making sure that your brochure stands out in a classy manner are important. No one likes a brochure that is of low quality, as the cheapness reflects poorly on your business as well. Similarly, be it wire bound brochures or perfect bound, irrespective of the type you have to pay attention to the size as well, you cannot design a brochure that is too bulky or big, as it would look like an eyesore when lying out in the open. Small details can make or break your brochure game, which is why you will have to make sure that you have a perfect balance.

7. Using the Right Motivation

Highlighting your USPs is necessary when you want to stand apart from your competition. You need to tell your customers why you are the right fit for them and how they will be on the winning end if they order from you. You can add in certain perks such as free samples or a gift just to give them that extra push to engage with your business. Using the right kind of motivation helps your customers in deciding to engage with your brand much sooner, as opposed to doing so later.

Ensuring that your brochure game is on point, if you follow our tips to make your sales brochure effective, you are bound to have yourself a winner. Cost-effective as well as portable, brochures are a great addition to your marketing strategy and are bound to give you great results.

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